Weight Loss Tips For Beginners

November 23, 2020

Don’t know how to begin? Need some help with getting started on your weight loss journey? Well, I hope this blog post can help you. Since I began to share my weight loss journey with the world I have been those very questions. How did I begin? What tips do I have that I can share? 

Well, look no further…

I have decided to share my tips and the ways that assisted me in getting myself started on one of the biggest and hardest journeys of my life. Let me be clear it doesn’t happen overnight, some ways can help you make the beginning of your weight loss journey easier, 

Some of the tips I will be sharing involve some thought and others are super simple and easy to implement. 

Beginner Tips for your weight loss journey

1. YOU need to decide when and how to start

I am starting with the most important tip that I can share with you. The decision to start a new chapter of your life needs to come from YOU and nobody else. I cannot stress enough how important it is.

In May 2018, I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told “YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT” and that’s when I thought okay, I am going to start my journey the next day because my doctor told me so. That didn’t help me at all, all it did was put unnecessary stress on my shoulders. In my two years on this journey, I am still where I was in the beginning and to me that’s fine. 

Remember, You should not be doing this for anyone else but yourself. A journey that can make you so vulnerable and feel so raw however, it needs to be held with the utmost value that the only person you need to prove something to is yourself. 

2. Define Your “WHY?”

Before putting yourself in a state that you need to lose weight. You need to answer this simple and most important question WHY ARE YOU STARTING THIS NEW JOURNEY?. In the beginning, you may not know why and that’s okay. My first reason was “I want to lose weight because my doctor told me to” and I took that why and realized I had a more important WHY than I thought. 

My current “Why”: I am starting this journey because I want to live a better quality of life. I want to be able to say I am in control of my symptoms of PCOS. I also want to be proud and comfortable and completely in love with my body.

Nobody can judge your “WHY”. It’s a personal answer that only you need to know. I decided to share mine because it’s all a part of my own journey.

Pro Tip: Buy an A5 notebook or Start a Note on your phone and write your “WHY” down and in those moments of self-doubt go back and read it as a reminder.

3. Get Moving

You have heard that saying “Weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% working out”, right?

Now, I am not saying that you need to jump-start into an hour HIIT session and run 5km because that will be nuts. Start slow and work your way up, it’s the only way. 

A simple way and a really beneficial way to aid your weight loss journey by going for a walk. Grab your sneakers, water bottle, podcast, your dog, and a walking partner (Safety First) and head to a location where you are safe, and start walking even if you walk around the block…Just start moving.

Walking is low-stress, a low impact form of exercise, and is such an amazing way to get rid of your days/weeks of stress.

4. Don’t drink your calories

I was a lover of juice, cooldrink, and super unhealthy smoothies. What I didn’t know was that I was adding an unnecessary amount of calories to my daily intake which is not the aim of the game as weight loss or fat loss comes from consuming fewer calories that you burn.

Try to add more rooibos tea (I will be sharing some of my favorite ice tea recipes with you shortly), infused water. 

5. Find Your Meal Plan & Track Your Food

My relationship with food has not been the greatest. I lived off processed food and junk food and I need to stick to clean eating. In the beginning, I wasn’t educated to know what is going to be needed to create the desired healthy lifestyle.

A pro tip will be to find a meal plan that you can do to get your journey going and implement what you learn from that meal plan into your life. A meal guide that really helped me was the Glow Cleanse from RushTush.

Remember to listen to your body. Another really good guide to go with is THE LEAN GIRL Body Lab where she teaches you the basics and will definitely help you.

6. Track Your Journey

Take a pic, Take your measurements, and write it down. Did you see I didn’t say step on the scale? For me, the scale was the negative voice I never needed and I don’t want to tell you to do it.

Step on the scale once every 4 weeks but let that not determine how your journey is progressing.

These are my favorite tips that I can share when starting your weight loss journey. I wish nothing but the best on this incredible journey. It’s tough and that’s why I am here to help you through this journey. 

Have you been on a weight loss journey? Do you have tips that helped you on your journey? Share them below!


Kinny says:

Love this. Thanks for sharing your journey xxx

Wafiqah Armien says:

Just what I needed to read to inspire me on my journey.
Asking yourself ‘WHY’ am I doing this really helps boost the commitment to oneself. Thank you for the reminder!

janinepapier says:

I am so happy to hear that babe!
Good luck! you know you can do this. Type out your WHY and stick it in a place you will always look for that daily reminder

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