December 11, 2017

Unscheduled Thoughts: Life Is Beautiful

Hey Everyone,

This blog post is not scheduled but I need to throw down some of my thoughts down and kind of let go. Its not going to be the normal “MY LIFE SUCKS” post because to be honest my life doesn’t, I think my life is where I want it to be…its weird. I don’t have the perfect life but it is my life. and quite frankly #LIFEISBEAUTIFUL

For the past few weeks I have been spinning emotionally which can be good but as I deal with some of “life’s” normal challenges things are not as bad as it seems.

Recently I have learnt that I need to deal with things differently, putting my best foot forward and not focusing on the bad side of things but the bright side….

Let me be frank: I had a tough year.

Anyway, to the point of the blog post.

One of my November goals were to be find something to be grateful for every day. And I failed…because I only realised now that I’m grateful for the good and the bad….

Not too long ago my blog used to be fill with negativity and the general vibe of my blog was Negative, A cry for Help and Excuses. Not anymore.

This Instagram post had a few people asking me what was going on my mind, or the best question by far “ARE YOU THROWING SHADE?”  answer: Oh hell No.

There just comes a time in your life where you need to figure out what you need to use your energy on and what you shouldn’t.

Sometimes life gets you down but we know that life, its unpredictable. Every day we struggle with a lot of things and I do as well.

I’m still struggling to fit into my new job and sometimes I think that its “just like the last one” and then what do I do? I go completely insane trying to prove to myself that “I am not happy” and guess what? I am really happy in my job,

Honey, I may have gotten off track here but here is something I want to leave you with…you need to focus on your happiness and Glo Up

Its taken me 6 years to do it and I am getting there. I’m grateful for EVERYTHING in my life..

There is so much more to come

Love you


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