Running Reflection

January 23, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram, one of my recent posts was about my biggest accomplishment of 2019, running the 2019 10km Woman Race. There is so much about running I never knew or even realized how much my life would change during my frequent run (or should I say attempting to run) days that now that it is not apart of my weekly routine things are not the same.

Todays blog post is going to be a tiny reflection of running. I feel like this is something that needs to be shared because honestly, I proved myself and so many people wrong even if I can say so myself. When you take yourself out of your comfortable big things happen in your life.

Okay, so you probably wondering why it’s taken me 5 months to share this well the sad truth is, even though I proved people wrong I realized that I exposed myself to a new realm of issues and that’s why I have been dealing with and finally acknowledge that its my fault that I didn’t carry on with it.

#run cult

During my journey I joined a cult. Not a cult that gets a bad wrap on TV like criminal minds but a RUN CULT. It’s all woman running group of the Nine Four running club. There’s so much I can say about the cult, but the truth is that it refreshing to have a group of amazing beings prepared to help a group of ladies that are not runners and even myself an ultimate runner, someone that hates running or placing herself in a situation that she herself is not comfortable.

Honestly never thought I would be running during a hill with a DD boob doing the Jackie Chan hands to reach the end of the Saturday morning race. Being apart of the cult was a big thing for me. I relied on other people all myself to do something or be something and this was the first I took myself to a group of men and ladies that I didn’t know (kind of knew because of the brobeans being associated with the Nine Four) and building bonds with people I didn’t know from a bar of soap.

 I have mentioned previously that I have learnt a lot about myself, I spoke to some of my friends and asked if this could be possible or if my head is in the clouds again (like they seem to be :P). But just like anything in life there’s a lesson in it. Remember starting a new thing teaches so much about yourself.

These are the lessons like learnt about myself during my “running” life:

Keep going even though you feel like giving up.

Guilty, there were many times during a run where I would say ok let’s jog and guess what? I will run and even if I feel a tiny bit of discomfort…your girl was walking again.

I am sure we are all like that when we do something, it gets a bit hard and we back down thinking we can’t do it

You are stronger than you think:  you know with hard work, commitment and training for the end goal and achieving it. You surprise yourself with what are you able to accomplish

Everything is mental

 it’s a mental game. No matter how loud your music is or how much you try to switch off you only have you to motivate yourself and tell yourself to keep on going.  I was in a sense lucky to have one of the nine four members pushing me when I was like “GUYS! EK KANNIE MEER NIE”

You can do hard things

running teaches you that you can do things that people find difficult like running that marathon or telling yourself you need to resign from that job that just not bringing you joy

to make running a success or life; there no cheat sheet. You must run those distances, those inclines and sprints under 30 secs to get to the end.

You define you

Nobody else can tell you who you need to be, whether they feel like you are a runner it’s all you. Not social media or even idiots still trolling you because you are running at 7am on a Saturday and they are lying in bed not doing something constructive

Truthfully there are so many lessons I have learnt for my reflection purpose and even sitting back, thinking about what running did in my life – I feel like I can’t put that down just yet. PLAN TOO THOUGH

I gave up on running, used the excuse of having a busy life as a reason I can’t get to sea point prom or Rondebosch common and run/walk and train to be better and set better goals for myself.  Right now, I feel like I wasted my time and my tears on what? Just to be lazy, lose faith in my ability and feel so slaggerish that for me is the biggest disappointment I have ever felt with myself.

If you noticed that this year, I haven’t set any fitness goals this year, because I feel last year I set amazing goals. All I want to do is conquer what I set out to do last year and maybe past that.

I will sharing so much more this year about my running life! So stay tune.


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