Stop and Start Living: Tips to start living your best life

April 16, 2018

Stop living for other and start living for yourself has been my daily mantra, For a while now I have been feeling as if I don’t live to make myself happy. Last month I sat back and realized I wasn’t happy inside instead I was always making sure other people were first, That is not how its supposed to be. In September I will be turning 25 and now that Quarter Life Crisis is a thing right now I feel as if it can be an excuse not to get your Shizz in order.

There are so many possibilities in my life that the outcome would be me moving out of my childhood home and uproot my entire life and start afresh by myself. This possibility has made me realize I won’t be able to handle it at all, I have taken this opportunity before such a decision is to be made to STOP doing things and START living for myself.

This can look like I am being super selfish but there comes a time where you just need to stop living for someone else’s happiness. Here is a list of things to stop doing if you want to live your own life.

Stop hanging out with the wrong crowd

There have been so many situations in life that honestly makes this statement so true, for many of us (and all my life) I find my self-doing everything and anything to make someone happy, to make sure their lives are smooth sailing and I get nothing in return. Even consistency going out of my way to do something for the next person and there is simply no sign of gratitude.

if you are currently in that situation – Please give on them. facet is if you mean something to them y to them they will go out there way to show you how important you are to them, even if its a simple thank you at the end of the day or if they need to cancel on you because of any reason they simply send you a text and tell you “Hey I cant make it”.

Now I know you probably thinking what if they have been in my life for many years. Babe people change, sometimes they change that doesn’t suit your life. Its okay to drop them and move on to finding something better.

Stop Lying to yourself

I don’t know about you sometimes you want to lie to yourself to make sure yourself feel good. Remember once lying to yourself becomes so natural you will start lying to others and eventually everything you represent as a person will be a lie. To Be True to yourself, Own Up and Love Yourself

Stop being your own punching bag
This is one of the most important things to do. Stop hating on yourself because of past events or mistakes, Remember mistakes are needed to be made to learn from. Every moment is a simple brick of the person you are. Learn from your mistakes, accept it and move on and try to live better than that mistake.

Stop thinking you not ready or you cannot do it.

Are you ever ready for something new? like your first day of Grade 1, Your first kiss (no matter how bad it was), Your first job? But we had to go through. If you wishing and dreaming to start something new in your life just do it because you will one day have to do it. I know new things are scary for most of us but that’s when you realize you are strong enough for anything. SO take out your dreams and take that leap of faith because you can do it!

Stop Letting Other People bring you down

this one is so personal to me because that’s exactly what I have done all my life. When someone will tell me I am fat or ugly I would stop going to the gym because why must I? but that’s when I have let myself down. I forgot that if they thought I was fat that was their problem and at least I was doing something about it. You never need to explain yourself to someone or defend the person you are. Those people are not worth it. Know your self-worth honey!

There are so much more things you need to stop doing. It is overwhelming for me, I have recently started the true journey of self-care and self-awareness. Sometimes I get stuck and super overwhelmed by everything that is going on. I give you sometime to STOP and Start Living.

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