Overwhelmed? How To Check Out Of Life.

November 10, 2017

We all have moments when life becomes overwhelming and all we want to do is stay in bed and not deal with life. I have that moment once a month where you just need to release all your stress and not deal. However, in my eyes it’s comforting to know that people are going through the same thing.

I don’t know about you but I tend to eat my feelings and then complain about it when I have a break out or I can’t wear that pair of jeans but that is the unhealthy.

I have been trying to check out or get away from my stresses in other ways that are healthy and ways that also remind me of why I do what I do or things that make me smile.

My list will vary from yours but I would love to explore ways to check out if it means I get to make plans over the weekend.

Solo Dates

The person in a mirror is the only person we can rely on, and sometimes taking yourself out on a date can do you a world of good. I don’t know about you but when I run my errands or go window shopping and literally only spend money on parking (cheap). I feel as some of my worries are lifted off my shoulders and I am ready to take on whatever is making me feel bleak

Read a book

Motivational books are amazing when you feeling overwhelmed. I recently finished Khloe Kardashian: Strong is better naked and it helped with a lot of issues (yes, I got issues) but books provide such an escape because you are literally investing your time, energy in picturing what the author is speaking about. Motivational books give you the right kick in the behind when you need it

Vent it out

Perform an unrehearsed monologue and have word vomit this gets all emotions out on the table. Okay if you need to vent about work, do not do it with someone in the office, WhatsApp has created a great feature (voicenotes) that you can use. I normally vent to my best friend I think we are so alike that we give advice about how to handle things but we also repeat what they are feelings (we get invested in life)

Work out

Works out provide me another kind of release where I focus all my energy on the burn instead on the matter at hand. For instance, when I fight with a friend or boyfriend (single at the moment MOM) and your first instinct is to slap the dilly day lights out of them. GO GYM because nine times out of ten it’s a better option

Write it down and tear it up

I did this while I was retrenched not many people know my true emotions regarding it but I took a day before I started my new job and wrote down everything I thought about my situation and those who retrenched me and tore it up and it made me move on. Now when I hear about them I roll my eyes, run after them and put my eyes back inside my head. It’s so much fun

Pamper Session

HOME LAZY DAY PAMPER SESSION: we don’t need no spa, grab a mask, nail polish, buffer and all the bits and bobs and have a pamper session and you will not only look fierce but you feel amazing.

We all have our own ways and remember that you need to rely on your friends and family when times are tough but sometimes we need find some good ways to check out.

I would love to know what your check out methods are.

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