March 26, 2019

My Workout Schedule

Hey Babe.

One of the questions I get asked almost on the weekly basis is what my work out routine is. I always giggle at my phone when I see these questions because I know it can be confusing to everyone what the fudge I actually do in the week.

Trying to be active especially after 10 or more years of being used to having more lazy days or being stuck in the house has been one of my biggest challenges. Being at home makes me want to eat more so it frustrates me more and more. However, I spent the weekend in bed, lazing around and with the pain of load shedding I have become even more lazy because Ill rather chill on my bed than get into my car and drive to gym to get a new workout which got me all in my feels to be honest.

Anyway, I have chosen to completely change the way I see my workouts and also how I treat it. So My brand new workout schedule allows me to have much needed alone time with my thoughts, allow me to refocus my journey with myself. I remember about 3 months ago I love myself and I love my body right now I don’t…I hate it!!!

Time to get back to where I was back then, First step..


My new workout schedule is a combination of fun, alone workouts, training with a trainer, some much needed cardio and many more…

Tuesday Personal Trainer & Cardio (20mins on Treadmill)
Wednesday Newbie Body by Rushtush & Cardio (Run Training)
Thursday Personal Trainer & Cardio (20mins on Treadmill)
Saturday Newbie Body by Rushtush & Cardio (Run Training)
Sunday Newbie Body by Rushtush & Cardio (Run Training)
** Thursday and Fridays may change depending on my sessions with my trainer which can change week by week because of my schedule

WOAH! I know I am going to properly get a lot of backlash that my body is going to be taking a toll but training 5 days a week and 2 rest days is the best I can do if I can stay on track and get back to where I was. At this point of my journey I am bored and I need to start getting my life back on track.

Where can you get the Newbie Body by Rushtush?

This is an eBook that you can purchase on her website for R600, It is a combination of HIIT workouts, Weight training and Cardio. It was one the best eBooks you need when you trying to get into working out and not knowing what things need. Its also perfect for your home gym (No need to have a gym membership).

You can purchase your newbie guide by following this link here

Soon I will be sharing my home gym essentials with you so you can start killing your workouts at home.

Comment below what your workout schedule looks like 😊

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