October 31, 2017

My Ugly Truth: Healthy Living

For the past couple of years, I have preached about going on a health living vibe and I haven’t stuck to it. The sad part about all of this that my family now roll their eyes when I say “I’m going on a diet”

As I try again to start this journey I was thinking of writing this blog post without making any excuses and tell you how bad my living is at the moment and what it has done to my confidence level.

In short “I have an addiction to food”.  It’s sad but I do, I have been dependent on the comfort that food gives me when I am dealing with things.

The scary part is I weigh over 100kgs. I don’t know if people say “I can’t believe it “or “you talking nonsense” to be nice or something but it’s true I weigh 100kgs.

I have been on programs like Herbalife and Nutritech I even started promoting the brands but the sad truth is my cravings increased (even though it was advertised that cravings subside) and I acted on every single craving so I was having my shake and proper meals which made me put on so much more weight.

This was my day:

So, I was having meal replacements with meals (smart right), Look I did lose weight for the first 2 weeks I actually did stick to my diet but I went back to my bad habits and sadly my bad habits have consumed my life yet again.

I have made promises on my blog a number of occasions where I said “I’m now starting my healthy lifestyle” guys I was trying to prove that ladies like me can do it for traction on to my blog, I am not about that life anymore my whole vibe of YourDailyJay has changed I am not here to be like the known bloggers (not mentioning names because I’m not throwing shade) I’m here to share my story not a version of their story.

It’s hard when you don’t have the time or cash but I have the want to change who I am. I’m going to be promising anything now but let me say my goal is to share as much of my journey as I possibly can with you and even just write down my rights and wrongs.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of emotions but it’s coming to a point where I am getting serious consequences for gaining weight. Things like:

This is my ugly truth and it’s taken me so long to finally admit to myself that I am overweight. I have taken the step to mention it once that I am on a path to healthy living and that is it. We all have an ugly truth and this is mine.

Until we meet again


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