September 29, 2019

On To Chapter 2

Hi Lovely,

One of my biggest conflict in my head about my journey is when exactly my journey started. To be honest, my journey took a turn when I started training correctly. However, there were things that I did wrong and its fine with that. After a lot of thinking I decided to define the actual start date of Chapter 2 simply because my mindset has changed but before I dive into my thoughts/goals of Chapter 2 let me give you a bit of my thoughts about Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Thoughts.

was a great Chapter for me, I lost weight, my body changed, I gained confidence, my mental space changed so much it is unbelievable but on the flip side. I never realized how much I would expose of myself and how judgey the world will be even though I knew that it will come with some sort of a price.

A couple of weeks, I heard through the grapevine “I am wasting my money, I am still fat, I am using Person X and Person Y for fame and followers, I should give up, I fake being depressed and come back with a soppy story”

This broke me because just before that I stood in front of my mirror and said Am, I getting the most out of my life right now? And that I should be here when in fact I am still at the same kind of position I was a Chapter ago.

I have said I am an emotional eater and yes, I did I ate like crap and too this day I stopped running and training all in all and guess what? I have let those idiots win.

BUT NOT ANYMORE. Therefore, I have decided to star my Chapter 2 on the first of October 2019. Not restarting just starting Chapter 2 a bit early because I need to.

Okay…enough of this sad nonsense. Like any new chapter/year you have to sit down and work out some goals to get you through it successfully

Chapter  2: goals

1.Go back to running twice a week (with the runcult or on my own)

2.Go back to training in a gym thrice a week (with a trainer or on my own)

3.Make going to POUND on a Saturday a thing

4.Complete the #tushsculpt atleast once this chapter

5.Complete the glow cleanse

6.Be honest about my journey

7.Write more about my journey on my blog

8.Give the good, the bad and the ugly

These goals to you may seem like nothing but it has to do with the quote “consistency is key” I have to be consistent if I want to conquer my weight loss goals.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for the support, love and motivation as a go on this journey all over again.

I love you all


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