My Journey with PCOS

November 6, 2018


This post is extremely personal for me, I have been dreading publishing it. Please note that this is my personal journey with PCOS so do not take it as MEDICAL REFERENCE.

As you know I have been trying to get my health back into shape by my eating habits and exercise. Let’s be honest I used to love eating what I want and not having my mom tell me “be careful” but there is a major life-impacting reason for it but I would like to address some of my haters.

I have been getting some really unhappy followers about why am I trying to change my body, I speak about loving yourself but I’m changing how I look. So, this is my clapback to all of you people.
I love my body it has taken me years to say that, I love my curves and all its flaws but when you are unhealthy and someone looks you in your eyes and tells you that you need to change your lifestyle for a health reason that when I draw the line. So please don’t hate me for changing my body because I need to be the best version I can be.

Okay – now that I have addressed the haters lets dive into it.

Some of the information I will be speaking about is extremely personal and can freak you out but don’t fear I am just telling you my truth.

The Doctor Appointment

At the end of April, I started experiencing some excruciating pain between my breasts, I remember it getting so bad that I was not able to lie on my tummy and/or it was constant. It took me about a week before telling my mom who told I better get it looked out. So, who doesn’t listen to their mom? That’s what I did, I decided that afternoon that I was going to go to the doctor and like Janine way, I went with the Big C in mind.

The doctor told me that it’s not the Big C, she thinks that my body is producing too much seborrheic oil that has leads to my oil glands to be infected which proves why my skin and scalp was so bad too. She then told me that I “could” have PCOS because of my weight but it’s not a concern because I am not looking to have kids. Okay, my first thoughts were “Yes I get that” and my second thoughts were “are you f*cking mad?” I walked out of there more concerned than ever, she gave told me to go back on to the pill, gave me antibiotics for my skin and Vita A ointment to also help with my skin.

I went back home and told my mom and dad, honestly, my dad looked at me like I was going crazy but anywho before I get sidetracked. I called the doctor the next day and said that even though I may not have PCOS right now I would like to know and be sure that there’s no chance of PCOS and I would like to see a Gynae.
Like a boss, she gave me a name and I went searching, got my appointment booked for the 21st May 2018. that annoyed my soul but my mom also said if you can get a gynae appointment in 2 weeks, she’s not recommended. So, I just took it.

The Diagnosis

I was super nervous that morning, I took a day off from work and everything. The doctor looked at my file and told me that the best way to prove PCOS was when I was not on the pill but because I have been on the pill for about a month, she wanted to do a presumed diagnosis and looking at the other tale-telling symptoms
I went into the room and she said that I have 3 start-out cysts on my right ovary and 1 big cyst on my left and before telling me that news she says she wants me to go for further blood tests because I am overweight and wants to see how my sugar and insulin levels are.
2 days after that I went for my fasted blood tests, waited about 2 days for my results…Got the call and in basic terms, she told me I was prediabetic. Yes at the age of 24 I was prediabetic. I never thought I would ever hear the words Diabetic at such a young age. She went on to tell me she is prescribing an anti-diabetic tablet and a hypertension tablet. Which I don’t need to tell you I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the syndrome (I’m not a doctor)

PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

What is it?

WomansHealth defined the syndrome perfectly “Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also known as the polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones. The hormonal imbalance creates problems in the ovaries. The ovaries make the egg that is released each month as part of a healthy menstrual cycle.”

Symptoms of PCOS

Weight Gain: Okay, so let me not even try to excuse this. I was overweight for most of my life and as much as I want to be like PCOS is the cause of my weight. Me being an emotional eater. Getting home and stuffing my face with food. Oh and not exercising. Also, PCOS and Insulin resistance are friends and that plays a true role in the development of PCOS.

Acne/Bad Skin: My skin was bad. If you look at my skin now I have scarring because of it. I mentioned earlier what could be the cause of it. My high level of serbiohic oil in my system. Which means I have seborrheic dermatitis which effects my skin, hairline .etc

Weird Menstrual Cycle: My period was pretty constant every month I would get my period. But I used to bleed for 4 days and then stop. My period was heavy and just weird for me

Some other symptoms (which I have not really experienced):

My Treatment Plan:

There is a basic treatment plan but mine is simple. Get my weight to where it needs to be and regulating my hormones. The medication I am on is the pill (to help with the imbalance of hormones), antidiabetic and hypertension medication.

But truth be told. EATING right and WORKING OUT is probably the #1 treatment plan.

So let me end of the blog post; My journey is not a straight line. I have picked up weight and lost it again. Breaking my habits have been tough but sooner or later I will get there. I love my body and my curves but I love my life more. I want to have a happy life and not worry about my health so this is where I am.
I really hope this blog post gives you more insight as to WHY I’m on this journey. I love you guys. And your messages I have been receiving (the good ones) I have kept it and held it dear to my heart.

Until we meet again

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Debbie Mulder says:

Hi Janine
So sorry about your diagnoses but you’re on track to make a difference to your health. Remember that haters will matter what …and don’t think you need to justify yourself to all.
Do what you need to do to improve your health and quality of life. It does take a lifestyle change which includes the way we eat and move and is not about how ‘you look’ but about your health. So good on you and all the very best for your journey to be the best healthy you!💞😘

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