November 12, 2018

My First Impressions Of The RushTush Naked Glow Guide

Glow Babe Squad!

“I designed this diet for my glowing beauties who have been on their own journeys of self-discovery through clean eating and the superpower of having an attitude as strong as their bodies”
– RushTush

It’s been a couple of weeks since RushTush launched her latest glow guide. I don’t know about you but did you also freak out about it like I did? Lately I have been super nonchalant about my weight and my eating habits simply because “I don’t want to be on a strict diet anymore”

I needed freedom

That’s exactly what the naked cleanse allows you to have all the freedom in the world. I don’t know about you but I get really bored with “healthy” food all the time. I have to fight the cheating demons more often. Sometimes I think RushTush hears my pain and eases it. She made my world so much easier and my cheating demons are calmer now.

Remember that RushTush advises that the NakedGlow are for people who have done one of the cleanses at least twice

So how it works?

It is a 3-day cycle that literally consists of 2 hella strict days and 1 semi strict day. The 3-day cycle has made dieting and also turning the glow into a true lifestyle so much easier and I get to try it.

“The goal of the naked glow is to help you achieve and maintain a glowing body that are you ecstatic to own, naked”

Budget for the #nakedglow

The naked glow personally is easier on my pocket because as much as I’m doing this 3-day cycles. I’m recycling my ingredients using it up and then purchasing as I need to. The only thing I really spend money on weekly are my veggies and salad and Egg Whites (I’m lazy to be separating eggs). I bulk buy my Proteins when during my monthly shopping because I will save that way.

Working out

Eating right is step one but working out is like step 2, we are getting rid of things but working out allows us to make the visible changes. My working out to date has slowed down seriously and with saying even though I’m kind of eating right but weight loss has decreased. So working out is essential.

My goal is to make working out my second hobby or should I say a job that I love to do. So if you don’t have the equipment or a gym memberships or maybe you lost in the gym and don’t know what to do . Purchase Rushtush newbie body here. These are for the home gym, normal gym

Logging your changes.

Try weighing and measuring after 2 cycles it will legit make it easier for you to see yourself. I  have not shared my now pictures because Im ready yet. But hopefully soon.

Where to buy it?

Like any other guide of Rushtush you can purchase the guide on her website look for this image in her shop, purchase and start glowing. or click the image below and i will send you right there

I wanted to end this post off on a different level. With so much judgement that has been running around me and breaking every kind of motivation I have I wanted to say this. I am extremely grateful to RushTush for finally putting something on the market that works for me. There are so many haters out there that tell me Im using RushTush to gain something or whatever. but the funny thing is when I don’t post then its another issue.

My journey for the glow was unexpectedly amazing and one thing for sure I am falling in love with my body all over again. The NakedGlow has allowed me to make PERMANENT changes to my diet and lifestyle just like the glowcleanse whats different is I can see it working even then I am doing it in 3 days.

Until we meet again


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