Living with PCOS

March 29, 2020

A topic so real, so personal to me. Please note that this topic is MY journey with PCOS and all judgement will not be tolerated.

Its been a while since I sat down and wrote about my PCOS diagnosis. Since my diagnosis in 2018 the number of ladies I have met who are living with PCOS has increased to a new level and that is scary. A few months after my diagnosis I shared my story with you and for those who are new WELCOME and you can read about it here.

The simple treatment to a lot of people is lose weight, get active, take a birth control or whatever other meds that is prescribed to you. But its not just about that PCOS destroys so much of you and that include mental health.

Okay so the simple question is DID I LOSE WEIGHT? Uhm nope I didn’t not even close to where I need to be. About 2 weeks ago I was in the worse pain across my abdomen and it felt different I knew that something was not right.

I knew that my PCOS condition had worsened but what extent only the Lord knows. I saw a doctor, spoke to her and from that conversations yes, the condition had gotten worse.

On Tuesday 24/03/2020, was my official gynae appointment and deep down with everything gong on in the world with CODVID-19 that was the least of my worries. My worries laid with my appointment. Having to admit that I didn’t give my condition the much-needed attention I was supposed to.

What we found scared the life out of me, they found something called a dermoid cyst on the external of own of my cysts. This is probably one worst kind. Its proof that this is how badly out of sync my hormones are that is the scary as this is a tumour (so cancer is a possibility) so a scrapping of my uterus had to be done to test whether or not I needed to go into another level of treatment. Besides the cyst we found fluid behind my uterus which is a sign that one of m cysts had raptured, funny thing is I never realized that a cyst had raptured.

If it was not for the lockdown of South Africa and surgeries being limited to only emergency cases, I would have gone into surgery 2 days after my appointment and the next 2 weeks have become the turning point of my life. If I feel any kind of pain, I would need to be rushed the emergency room for an operation to remove the dermoid cyst.

I left the doctors in such distress because the possibility of the worse case scenario was so real to me and also the disappointment of my body giving me a freight of saying what I have been doing to it, these past few months of not eating right, not giving myself a chance, allowing myself to emotionally eat when I know it is wrong has finally caught up to me.

Skip a few days later it was clear that I needed to change everything about my lifestyle how I am at home and how I treat myself. I contemplated writing a blog post about everything that happened on Tuesday or whether I shouldn’t. look where I am right now.

My results came back clear of anything more serious which is a sigh of relief but like my doctor said this needs to be a wake up call because the next time It could be a different situation. I have a chance to reverse this and I will but let me figure it out.

During the past 6 months there has been so much sh*t said about me, about my fitness, my weight but no body knows the true struggle. I know I have lost followers who were with me through day one and supported me wholeheartedly and because I am don’t look how I am supposed have lost interest that’s an eye opener for me.

My journey with PCOS is not a simple one its one that is a clear indication I haven’t looked after myself. Don’t get me wrong everybodies journey is different and I am not saying if you have PCOS you didn’t look after yourself.

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Mel says:

Such an interesting read.. You are so inspiring. I got diagnosed with Pcos last year. The journey is not easy,, especially dealing with the outside negativity of people constantly judging your weight gain and not understanding thats it is not that easy..
Best of luck in your journey..

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