January 18, 2017

YourDailyJay vs Ultimate Blogging Challenge

One of the greatest things I love to do is challenge myself and this year is all about Challenges and conquering a world that I never thought I would enter. Ever since my reboot I have started to figure out that it wasn’t a rash decision or bad thing but a great thing. I have started a new category which is scary to say the least (Damn, that self doubt we all go through).

After months of planning of blogs post, I came across the 30 day Blogging Challenge….okay so this is more going to be a blogging challenge for the year, which I will be posting every second Wednesday (starts 25th of January). To give you a hint of the blog posts that will be coming your way, here are the 30 Blogging Topics

  1. Intro & Recent Pic
  2. Your Blogs Name
  3. 20 Facts about you
  4. 2017 Blogging Bucket List
  5. Best blogging advise You can give
  6. Mistakes I have made since blogging
  7. A letter to the younger blogger
  8. Bloggers that inspire me
  9. Your Favourite Quote
  10. Your Dream Job
  11. Your Proudest Moment (s)
  12. What are you afraid of
  13. 5 current blog goals
  14. Where will you be in 5 years?
  15. Your Favourite Blogs
  16. Your hopes for your blog
  17. why do I blog?
  18. My blogging process
  19. Rant about your blogging career
  20. Redos of your blog
  21. Reflect on your blog this year
  22. Must have blogging apps
  23. How to be a happy blogger
  24. Then and Now
  25. Tips for a blogging reboot
  26. What are your pet peeves
  27. New bloggers I recently follow
  28. My Editorial Calendar
  29. How Do I Create my Featured photos
  30. Reflection of the blogging challenges

Okay Guys, those are 30 blog posts that will be coming under the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, while I was writing them down, I didn’t agree with some so I kind of made up as a went along *oops* I don’t want to over think my blog posts now so I’m closing off by say this; I AM EXCITED



P.S: Looking about for BC# in the title

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