November 20, 2017

Website 101: It is Live

Having an online presence is something we all want right, whether it’s for a business or a blog. But sometimes we wonder where we need to start. I did and now that I have rebooted my blog a number of times (I know I know). I decided to share the steps to getting your website up and running.

Blogging Platform

This is simple, what software are you going to use for your website. WordPress is the most used platform at the moment but it does not mean it is only one out there. In my opinion WordPress is a great tool for user friendliness and its super easy to poke around and correct any mistakes that you might do and its really customizable
Other platforms: Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr, Wix (I used to use wix)

Get Your Domain

This is your online identity. A domain is what you are known for on the site in simple terms “what is your websites URL” mine is YOURDAILYJAY.COM
You can register your domain at a number of places like: Afrihost (that’s where I got mine), RSAWEB, HETZNER and many more.
Remember that your domain needs to be unique don’t worry if you choose a domain that has been taken these domain registration companies tend to let you know its taken.

You pay for your domain on a yearly basis

Web Hosting

99% of the time the place your domain is registered is the place you are able to host your website. To host a site you would need to choose a package which you will host your website on.I use Afrihost for my web hosting with the PLATINUIM PACKAGE for R49pm which is easy for me to budget but it gives you ample storage for your website which is amazing.

Choose Your Theme

What is your website going to look like? This is probably the set that is going to take the longest because to be honest you don’t want to have a site that is the same as other website, you are able to purchase themes or you can use the themes that are provided by WordPress

Where can you purchase your themes?

There are many other steps to get your website to be amazing but I thought we need to the basics first, I know I make promises and never keep it but I got my groove back and in upcoming posts (don’t ask me when) I will be elaborating some of the steps mentioned above and just be serving you content.

Can you tell I’m a tad bit excited for this? Hehe

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