August 10, 2018

Staying Organized In Life

Ever have that moment where you stare at someone like “THAT’S TODAY”, Just simply because you forgot or you just so slammed mentally that it just slipped your mind. Well it has happened to me quite a lot. So, I have looked at simple things that I can go be super organized in my sometimes-disorganized life.

I decided to share some simple ways to get and stay organized that has kept me on track. It’s called “LIFE ADMIN”

Schedule your life boo!

I live and swear by my calendar, as much as I miss my free life living with my calendar is super amazing. I have about 4 calendars that need to be completely in sync (Blog, Work, Personal and TheEmTribe).

The best thing to do is colour code your schedule. For me? Each calendar has a different colour and for the items I can honestly not miss I go with Grey.

My Colour Code:

Purple: Blog

Green: TheEmTribe

Pink: Personal

Work: Blue


Do It the Night Before

Trust I know that sometimes you just want to get into bed and leave things in the morning. A funny thing about that is when you leave it for the morning you become all stressed and who wants to go to work stressed because you were running late.

I would suggest you do some of the things the night before, things like Packing your lunch, Laying out your clothes. etc

Dedicate some time for yourself

That term “SELF CARE” well that is the best thing you can do, this is some time for you to do you boo. I normally celebrate self-care on a Sunday (#selfcaresunday) it allows me to dedicate my time in organizing my schedule for the week, get me pamper on and finish everything I didn’t in the week

Challenge Yourself

Ever want to try something or get yourself into the perfect routine. etc the best way to do that does a challenge. You know the challenges that get yourself to do something every single day. You don’t have to do every single day however you can do it over the weekend.

Sooner or later I will share a challenge that I’m currently doing that is making my entire lifestyle so much simpler or better.

Now its your turn! How do you stay organized with your life?

Until we meet again

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