September 25, 2017

Spring Makeup Tutorials: As Seen By Others

#Makeup Monday is here!

So Im sure by now we have all stocked up on allergy medication and some tissues for spring?  Drugged all the time …. kidding

But that does not stop some of my favourite Make Up Artists and Youtubers sharing the most amazing Spring Tutorials. I have not tried these just yet (Hinting ;)) but here some my favourite Spring looks.

Kayleigh Noelle

Instagram: @kayleighnoellexo | Youtube: Kayleigh Noelle


Instagram:  @eman | Youtube: Eman

Katy (Luxlustre)

Instagram: @katy | Youtube: Luxlustre



Instagram: @evettexo | Youtube: Evette

There you have it! Make Up Mondays are being one of my favorite past time, Now that Im getting into having my makeup on point and actually staying on, I think its time for me to do some tutorials? Really? Who knows?

Until we meet again

Comment some of your favorite spring looks


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