February 5, 2018


This month is all about love, and all the single people  out there are so consumed with being single in this month right? I used to be like that (I still haven’t celebrated Valentines day …not the point).I made the conscience decision to focus on myself and let things fall into place. This is why I have declared February SELF LOVE month at YourDailyJay.com

What is the meaning of Self Love?

its that unconditional(No matter what you do , you always love yourself the same way)  feeling of love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself as a person.

Steps to Self Love

  1. Identify Your Why?
    Answer the biggest question Why is self-love important to you?
  2. Commit:
    Be fully committed  to your journey to self love
  3. Forgive:
    Find forgiveness in your heart, forgive yourself and forgive others
  4. Take Back Your Power:
    Drop the victim mentality and take ownership of your life
  5. Let Go:
    let go of anything that is not giving you the best and providing unwanted negativity
  6. Surround Yourself With Good:
    find people that uplift you, people who truly love, support and respect you
  7. Practise Self – Compassion
    Stop being so hard on yourself
  8. Take Care Of Your Needs
  9. Set Healthy Boundaries
  10. Commit to Daily “LoveHabit”Daily acts of self-love (“LoveHabits”) are a beautiful way to show yourself the love, respect, and level of care that you truly desire
I found these steps while researching self love for myself, i would love to say this is mine but  wanderlust.com has made this journey so much easier for you and I.
Its not an easy task or something that can be done in a week but we need to actively think about loving ourselves.
So I would to invite you to join me in a 7 DAY SELF LOVE CHALLENGE to kick start your mind set and journey.

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