Self – Care or Self Love has been a term i have heard over and over again. Just like One Direction …kidding. I have been trying to gain a better life and start to be happy with myself. As i reflected on everything going on I remember me saying “I don’t love care enough about myself or I don’t love myself” woah that went dark but its not supposed to be. Every weekend or one weekend of the month i tend to take a LAZY DAY where i just don’t do anything but that is how I felt fit to practice self care in my life

I was looking for the true definition of self care, to different people it means different things but in really baby terms it means taking care of yourself.  So for some people its about rocking a work out session, going on a solo date, taking a break from life (Social Media detox .etc), pampering yourself or even just making sure you are set for the next day. which i agree with, we all tend to let some things slip away but dedicated a moment to get your shizz together is taking care of yourself.

For the past few years I have placed everyone before myself and suffered extremely bad burn outs because of it i.e I neglected myself. for instance I never stuck to my skin care routine so I ended up with REALLY bad skin. an example of self neglect you see the consequences and that is why its become such an important part in my “life recovery” Okay, not my bad skincare that just an example but there are so many things that have gone wrong and instead of whipping some booty I go into a complete bad vibe and its stays with me.

Self care helps with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, insecure and answers that questions I am sure we all ask ourselves “WTF is going on”. I have learnt how important self care is to me and honestly i cant express it more.

This blog post is a way that i wish i can help you get a better idea of what self care is and how you can implement simple things to do start caring for yourself.



Ways to start practicing self care


Okay, who else has problems with adulting? I do because it comes between my relationship with sleep. saying that so many of us don’t get enough and that means we  can function properly. What happens when you sleep? Your body repairs and refreshes itself. So getting into bed early (even if you don’t fall asleep immediately) but let your body refresh and relax


I hate it just as much, but that adrenaline rush is amazing, especially when you stressed out. At the moment there is such a campaign about having a great body and for me it took me some time to realize its not about “getting thin” so I can have boyfriend but its about making yourself better.

 Get that to do list done

Whenever i feel extremely overwhelmed I jot down everything that I have neglected and try and tick them off my list from time to time. Recently i reorganized my cupboard and yes i hated doing it but when it was completed and had a flow it felt so good (and I’m still reaping the benefits)


Get together with your tribe and have some fun. However its all about their energy if there energy is right stick with them. I recently shared a blog post about How to remove negativity form your life?? You need to spend time with people who love,support,encourage you


and so much more…

I really hope this blog post helps you with a start to self care. So tell me how you  practice self care in your life in the comment section below

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