January 22, 2018

My Ideal Nighttime Routine

Got back into your new routine for 2018.?

I have been loving the new year, Its amazing how small things can really change your life. Recently I shared My Ideal Morning Routine ,it has really motivated me to stick to what I have shared on my blog. let me just say that  my mornings have been amazing!  After sharing my routine I thought about, how I was going to end my day to get the best out of my day so I decided to keep with the routine theme and share it with you .

My Ideal  Night time Routine…


My do not disturb has been set for 9pm. however I would love for it to start at 8 30 or from the moment I get back from gym (more about that later) basically what this means is that you have disabled all notifications so your phone wont make a noise. I have decided to keep calls alive though I have a rule if its urgent call me…I must say I am sleeping so much better because my phone sleeps too…#sleepingbuddies

Go To Gym

I am extremely determined to get back to gym. Right now I am not getting any exercise in (I’m lazy) but as I mentioned previously when I am more active  I was more positive and less stress because it was my release. It is one of my goals for January (to get myself back to gym)

Have supper with my family

We all take things for granted however my family has been there for me a lot lately and sometimes sitting around a table talking my parents and brother I get a sense of peace.

Watch Series

I have an addiction so I cant go a day without watching my series

Night-time Skin Care

This is the normal face cleanse, tone and moisturize – hint of a future blog post.

Set Up for the next day

Instead of running around like weirdo in the morning, Picking out what I want to wear and making sure I have everything for work so im cool calm and collected.

Read a chapter of a book

I used to love reading but it was the time when I was really in my own world and had time to reflect on life. I need that time back.


Need I say more

One thing I need to get into my brain is that I’m the only person I can truly count which means I need to do tings that make me happy. this routine has got me to realize what I need in my life.
what is your night time routine?

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