July 20, 2017

My Blogging Mistake


When you have been around for 4 years with only a few readers you need to wonder what you are doing wrong. I personally never did, my blogging career has been purely based on trial and error to be honest I’m over it. So reading and reviewing other blogs mistakes made me to the ultimate recon on my blog.

Me, Me and more me

I don’t speak about anything but my experience that’s bad. which is weird, like I know the basic thing or idea of blogs is to showcase or review other brands .etc  That’s is a difficult thing, since once you put a brands name on your blog you know there are more eyes on your work which is scary.

Promote once and that’s it

If you follow me on social media you would know that I post all my blog links on all my platforms. and then that’s it. Once on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and then I’m done, Which doesn’t really work when you trying to engage a lot more readers.

No Guest Bloggers

I don’t engage with any other bloggers, so I have no added the idea for any body to write a piece and have it on my blog as a monthly treat on my blog, I am really excited about this chapter and to engage with my readers

Typos / Bland Writing

If you have been around for a while you know my grammar and spelling can be hectic, I am trying to improve on this but sometimes I miss the mark, please forgive me as I get better that this,

No Schedule

A blogging schedule is essential to any blogger, however I am trying to do the daily blogging but sometimes I don’t get around to getting enough posts scheduled. But I have made a pledge to post at least every Monday and Friday if I cant get around to posting everyday.

Not using my original photos

Camera but still using stock photos, this needs to stop, originality isn’t my best at the moment but as my vibe grows the better I promise to improve that.


As a move into bettering the blog for you please let me know if there are things you would want me to improve on. I’m so excited where YourDailyJay is going and I hope you excited to.

Until we meet again


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