March Goals

Hey Lovelies

Chapter 3 of 12 is here. One year ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life. My grandmother. She was the strongest most amazing person I have ever known. Our relationship was tested and through all the ups and downs she loved me unconditionally.

I remember it was a couple weeks before her passing. I sat besides her and said “Sorry Ma I have a big bum”. In true Ma fashion she said “Why are you so fat”. My mom and I were so shocked because it had been months since anyone had heard her voice and sadly that was the lost words I ever heard. I know you may be thinking why am I sharing this with you but the truth is today I woke up thinking about her and everything that has been happening in my life lately regarding my journey and realized that ma is in heaven supporting me as I speak and live every day of this journey.

As you know I have tried to keep up with my goals by breaking them up into monthly goals. Even though I did not share my goals for last (we all know how that went) I decided to get back on that band wagon and share them today without fail.

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

LL Cool J

This month is all about focusing nothing but myself. I always tell myself that it is okay not to have someone in my life. This month in particular I have decided to let myself be alone and focus on the person I want to be in 30 days. I know its hard but I have a main goal this year to be a better version of myself, happy, healthy and confident and right now I am feeling dragged down by everyone else and their side issues.

Okay, what are my goals for the month of March?

-Take my car for a service (A financial and much needed expense this month)

Do 3 photoshoots

Stick to my workout routine

Start running

Job hunt (Something I have to do to find my happy)

Workout my saving plan for my laptop

Studying for my SAS certification

Stick to my #nakedglow diet

Stick my blogging schedule

Host my first Rise & Run Sunday

10 monthly goals that are super important to me. Its been on of the greatest challenge and I hope that February was the OFF-THE-WAGON month of the year and now I am on my way up to reach my goals that I have set out in my journal.

Tell me your monthly goals

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