January 31, 2018


I cant believe that Chapter One of 2018 is over!

I have seen so much growth with my blog, work life and to be honest my personal life. Its been the first month since starting to blog that I am super proud of what i have produced. As much as I love sharing my monthly goals with you and wanted to do a monthly round up as well. like a reflection post on what I love to change or keep in my life, blog and all the other great things.

What were my goals for this month and how did i do?

Goal 1: Start my new routine

Starting a new routine isn’t the easiest thing, trying to break years of doing the same old thing. However I have gotten used to the idea of not snoozing (as much) getting out of bed with that annoying tone going off (You know what I mean?). Having a routine has really changed the way I look at my life.

Goal 2:Stick to my new bright and shiny budget

I am not going to sit here and lie to you , but Januworry got me and it got me good. Let me be honest I am currently recovering financially and this was my third salary at my new company and everything that I needed to pay off I did.I was supposed to share my new budget and how I track it but I didn’t because I felt the pinch and used almost everything I had (sorry for the TMI) but February is the month I know i can stick to what I put there.

Goal 3:Do a photo shoot with my best friend for The Empowering Tribe

Life happened, Robyn and My life is currently super busy with work, trying to get life back its been really difficult for us. The empowering tribe is our passion and for me personally its another space that i can share my life and all the wonderful things. Check us out: theemtribe.co.za

Goal 4:Get back to gym

50/50; Yes I have been back but not as much as I would love to.

Goal 5 Start using InstaStory more often

FAIL. let me say this I feel weird – i would film something and cancel #doublechineverywhere


What would I change this February ?

  • Spend more time on my imaging for my blog (take my own pictures)
  • Refresh my blog statistics
  • stick to my budget

January has been real, I cant wait for Chapter 2

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