February 9, 2018

Branding Your Social Media

I have had the courage to start a new segment of my blog, this has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now but that confidence level was not working, If you dont know my previous job was a social media management company and with that I got a taste of what it would be like to be a social media marketer and I loved it. (hint: blogging goals for 2018). One thing you need  to know social media is NOT black and white.

I am going to say this as i research on ways to create a better online presence I have to blog my way through it on the strategies that have worked for me.

My first post is going to be about Branding yourself a.k.a how are you going to present your brand to the world. Branding (I have struggled with this in the past) is probably one of the most important things to create a online presence. This post is all about making sure you have your brand on point. This is my guide for you. I will going through all the social media platform and giving my tips to improve your brand.


The biggest platform around. which makes it the easiest way for your blog or business to be discovered

Profile Picture
If you are the face of your blog or business the best thing you would need to have as a profile picture is picture of you. but for business or blogs that consist of a group of people your profile picture can be your brands logo.
Image size: desktop: 170px X 170px | Smartphone X 128px

Cover Picture
a cover photo is another space for your to add your logo on your profile. its a great way to extend your brand. if they dont know how you look they will know your business. this is the exact way I use my profile and cover picture combo
Image Size: desktop: 820px X 312px | Smartphone: 640px X 360px


let me start this section with a truth bomb, I am not twitter savvy at all. but it is probably on the social media platform that you can do the most with to match your brand.
Brand Colour
The colour that speaks volumes of your brand sometimes found in your logo. but how do you that?
Let me tell you
  1. Log in to your twitter account
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Click theme colour
  4. Pick a colour, if you can find it go to HTML COLOR CODES (Copy and Paste the code)
  5. Save your changes

 Profile picture and Cover picture
this is very similar to your face book profile picture, when I implemented the same profile i discovered that those search my brand were confident in finding my page on twitter.
Profile picture Image size: 440 X 220px
Cover picture Image size: 1500px X 500px


Profile picture
Guess what I am going to say? keep your profile the same as your blog and other platforms
Image size: 110px X 110px
This is an blog post wanting to happen but here are some of my tips
  1. Create a cohesive feed theme
  2. Edit your photos
  3. Try to stick to the dimensions 300px X300px
  4. try not to be too structure

the next platform that i will be conquering is PINTEREST guys I’m not clued up there. but once I have some tips for you ill update this blog post with the branding tips
Branding is supposed to make you happy, if you don’t like change it up you never know one day after 50 tries you will get it right
what are your tips for social media branding

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