January 29, 2018

5 Things To Do On A Sunday

 A Sunday well spent brings a weekend of content.
Well it is pretty true, whether I’m having a #sundayfunday or chilling doing things that make me feel like I am  ready for the week ahead. Okay, I don’t know about you but if I can stay at home and feel exactly the same as going out on a Sunday then ill take that option (its cheaper too LOL).
Some times my weekend runs away from me, I have a set plan then something will come up that honestly takes my mind to another dimension but I was scrolling through Pinterest yesterday looking for some inspiration and landed on the quote above, which made me think what can i do today that will help me have a great week.
I decided to share the 5 things I do on a Sunday to have a Stella week:

Don’t Rush To Get Your Day Started

Weekends are the 2 days in the week that i don’t really need to worry about that alarm that ruins your world. so why let your Sunday start on a schedule?  I would suggest get out of bed when you want to, even if it means getting out of bed, making you a cup of coffee and your favourite breakfast, switch on a movie or your favourite series and get back into bed.

To Do List for the week

These are your mini goals for the week, I love dividing my to-do list into three main parts
  1. Blog
  2. Personal
  3. Work
Don’t feel overwhelmed when doing this but write because it will give you a clear understanding what you needs to be done this week

Schedule everything in your planner

​Okay, this is the time when you can be a little creative… grab your planner/diary, highlighters, pencils, pens and sticky notes and write down your to do list per day. if you have weekly meetings at work write it down and then kind of slot things from the to do into your diary.

Have some me-time

​Sunday is the perfect day to have some me time, Normally 3pm is when i mentally start winding down for the week. You can give yourself a facial, manicure or pedicure, reading a book. binging on series or movies or doing your hair. things that make you feel good about yourself. Sundays have turned into my favorite day of the week for a face mask. I am trying out new mask and hopefully soon I will be sharing my favourite masks with you

Go To Bed Early

I’m not saying go to bed at 6pm (the life) but go get into bed and read a book (continue your me time) but get a good nights rest. Lately I have enabled the scheduled DND on my phone which switches on at 8 30 every night which means I don’t get any notifications.

I really hope these suggestions help you have a great Sunday which will help you have the best Sunday you could possibly have. I would love to add a few more to my to do list but Meal Prep will be next on my list. Remember preparing for the week can be overwhelming or make you feel anxious but majority of the time planning fro your week ahead makes you at ease you know what is coming your way.

Comment below and tell me what you love to do on a Sunday to prepare for your week

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