January 31, 2019

Update: January 2019

It’s the last day of longest month of any year. Its probably my favorite time of year because my timelines are filled with so much determination to get their sh*t together in 2019 is so inspiring to me. As long as this month has been, I honestly feel the best I have felt in a really long time. I got the good, the bad and the ugly this month but I made it with a few tears here and there.

I held a poll on Instagram asking if you wanted to see a month to month transformation and about 98% of all that voted said yes. Guess what the blog post is all about today. This blog post will be extremely personal as I will be sharing everything I have dealt with regarding my journey.

This month I have decided to not have a lazy day every single day…Its hard. Breaking my Saturday bad habit of not doing anything at all and being in bed and eating everything that is in my way. It was my way of dealing with my weeks stress. January 2019 has changed my whole mindset of my journey…Lets dive into this,

Eating Habits

The festive season and I really enjoyed each other and my waist line knew what was happening. I put on about 2.5kgs during the holidays so trying to get back on track was my toughest challenge this month. My eating habits had to change if I wanted to show some serious results but let me be real things never as planned. This is not an excuse or anything but once I get bored or stressed food is my #1 comfort in my life. So, guess what happened when I got back to work.

I’m so tired of that being my excuse. I did some research of Whey Protein and PCOS and found it was pretty good for the diet. I decided that I will be going back on to my protein for my breakfast or even add it to my breakfast.

One thing for sure is cheat days will never leave my life but the fact I am able to go without things is my greatest achievement this month. Clean eating, Less processed meats and some salads 😊. I have come up with my own meal plan for February and have to decided before sharing it with you I will give it a go.

My Workouts

As I said before January has seen a lot of change in how active I am in life. More workouts and making working out fun for myself. It’s a known fact that I am training with a personal trainer who has helped me this month with regaining my focus with my journey. Sometimes I have bad sessions but that’s when I don’t let go mentally. But it taken me about two months to figure out what I should do to have a great session.

I have added an early morning work on a Sunday with a friend. This allows me to catch up with friends, get my workout in and allows me to feel refreshed for the day.

My workout schedule for January:

Monday – Rest Days

Tuesday – Workout with my trainer

Wednesday – 5km walk/run

Thursday – Cycle at home for an hour

Friday – Workout with my trainer

Saturday – Rest day / light work out

Sunday – Morning Walk/Run + Gym Workout

Im going to be honest with you right now, I haven’t stepped on a scale this month and I am not going to simply because I start to panic when I don’t loose what I want to and I get psycho. So I stayed away from my scale and will step on it on February. But my body has changed and its so fulfilling so I might be doing right.

One of my greatest achievements this month was taking off my gym top and messing around with my sports bra which opened myself up to more hate and bad comments about my body that its ugly or I should not be showing my results and it broke me. But I needed it to break me for me to realize that I am not doing it for anyone else. My inbox has been flooded with so many messages of love, support, strength and I am so grateful for the messages. My journey is not a straight line. I fall off the wagon and the moment I get back up is great. I wish I could share more of my journey with you and sometimes I wish I wasn’t sitting in front of my PC and running on Seapoint or in the gym but I hope by 2020 my life would have changed for me to have a lot more freedom.

Oh before I forget I know I said I was going to start a walk/run crew but I’m ironing out my final details and will be sharing everything you need to know soon!

Thank you so much once again for the love and support!

I love you guys

Until we meet again


2 responses to “Update: January 2019”

  1. Sarahlene Mathewson says:

    Hi my name is Sarahlene I just want to thank you for sharing your journey For me it feels like I can’t do anything right every time I try to eat healthy but before I know am straight back at eating something unhealthy…but now that I start reading here on your blog I’ve realise that I should not give up

  2. janinepapier says:

    Hey Sarahlene,

    Thank you so much for your love and support! This journey is rough and let me tell I fell off so hard in February. Never give up..You doing amazingly! every good choice is better than the last. I have my cheat days and then I feel guilty about it but at least I got back up again.

    Love you! Feel free to drop me a mail if you need anything.

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