April 1, 2020

I’m going to PLANT BASED baby!

Change is good, change is welcome…a lifestyle change is here

I AM GOING PLANT BASED BABY! Hehe okay so now that I have the excitement  out of my soul let me get serious

Previously I shared a major update on my fitness and PCOS journey. one that the recent events have taught me is that I need to make some massive changes in my life and truth be told, it was the best wake up  I could’ve gotten because I was starting to get used to my bad habits.

I need to change a lot about my life and during this time of the lockdown, its the perfect time to do so. I have decided to take my life and turn it upside down for the greater good. After speaking to my doctors and dietitian we have decided to go on the important path of going to a more focused clean eating environment.

The best solution is for me to go into eating plan/lifestyle change that will be an easy adjustment with no real room to fall off the wagon. I am trying to eliminate as much processed, carbohydrates and unnecessary fats from my diet.

my starting goal is to do 5 days of plant based and 2 day of normal clean diet, because in all honesty I dont think that its a advisable to go completely cold turkey from day one.

I do still believe in the lifestyle guides of rushtush.com, they are amazing, and I will still add some of those amazing recipes, lessons and basics that I learnt from Rushtush into this whole new world.

This is something new for me, so my blog will be my ultimate diary.

I can’t wait for share my journey and more importantly start this new path for a better me and truly a better life. More frequent updates will be up on my instagram page.

Introducing my Plant Based Pantry

This is a mini project that I will be apart of my journey, my plant based pantry where I will be sharing my favorite brands and products that can be found in my pantry

Thank you for being a part of this part of my life! I am ready for the next chapter of my health journey

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