How to Glow while you not really doing the #GlowCleanse?

December 18, 2018

Hey Babes,

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while but the final editing was not the one lol. Anyway, so it is so obvious that the GlowCleanse has become the normal thing you see on your timelines. Since starting the glow guide life, I have been asked once or twice how do I kept “glowing” while I’m not actually glowing.

I haves aid this before changing your lifestyle by implementing a guide can be quite pricey but I also said it don’t need to be. For me, when I do the glow cleanse,I go hard for 4 weeks and then decide to stray (Who doesn’t) but one of my biggest daily goals is keep some sort of glow in life.

When the budget is tight or you don’t have to time to go “full on” with the cleanse or you still saving up for the new guide Naked Glow Guide from RushTush (Read my review here) it can be really difficult to keep yourself on track when you on your “off days/weeks”.

Today I have decided to grace you with my mini meal plan that I try and stay on track with a clean eating lifestyle.

Lets get going

Always have a hulk juice

You know that green juice that is every where on your social media, Have it as a break fast. I feel lost without my hulk juice and when I have toast or something else I feel so sluggish for the day.

Keep meals clean (Protein and Veggies)

No processed meats like (bacon, viennas, sausage). Add some salad or some veggies they great. Grill, Poach, Roast your protein as well. I would suggest pick out your favourite RushTush meals and why not use that

Stay away from the bad stuff (during the week)

You know the chocolates, chips, sweets and all of that stuff. If you really want to snack on something have some Homemade Popcorn (so good)

No Bread, Potatoes, Rice, Pasta

Have a cheat meal once a week

Okay,this is my goal because I cheat more than Im telling you. I usually keep my cheat for Sunday Lunch because we all know that’s when the Roast is out and its just too good.

One coffee a day and drink loads of green tea

I live off coffee but I need to get rid of that habit. So What I try and do is drink as much water as I can. And if I feel like a juice, I drink chilled flavored green tea

Stay Hydrated

Mentioned this above, I always have a bottle of water on my desk at work and I try a drink a mason jar of water every hour or every two hour when Im at home

One more important thing you need to do,


Try and workout and stick to your schedule.At the moment my schedule is the following:

Monday – Cardio

Tuesday – Weight Training (with a trainer)

Wednesday – Rest and complain about a sore body

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Weight Training (with a trainer)

Saturday – A walk with my dogs (okay, I haven’t done this in a while)

Sunday – Rest and complain

Im going to be very honest with you I complain and die in the gym or complain and crave while Im doing the glow cleanse but I love it. Right now I have lost about 6kgs but Its only motivated me even more. I have stopped “declaring”things are my blog but Im slowly but surely gaining confidence of showing you more of my lifestyle change.

Until we meet again (Hopefully on Thursday )

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