How i find my workout motivation

April 15, 2019

Trying to find motivation to get yourself in the gym or even to go for a walk, run is not the easiest things you can do but the feeling that over comes your body the day after the workout you dreaded is the best feeling in the world. Two weeks ago I had a tough week, I did not make it to the gym or actually just never put in the effort to get myself to the gym. There was just a lack of motivation. But of course, I am the queen of picking myself back up to get back into the gym with the greatest sense of motivation.



As I said previously last week was rough and so was my mood. On Saturday I was in the most depressed, lazy girl in the world. All I wanted to do was be in a bed and re-watch series that I have watched before, it drove me insane. Working out puts me in such a good headspace and can be refreshing with life stresses.


Something I do all the time and some of them fail and some of them don’t. My main goal is to lose weight but I honestly want this journey to be more than just about losing weight so training for an event or a goal can be beneficial. At the moment my goal is to go a week with 5 workouts and 2 rest days and kill it. But A big goal that I have been struggling with his my 5k in 8 weeks aka RUNNING. This all boils down to not making the time. Remember once you have knocked off a goal you have to set a bigger goal.


I started this about a month ago, even though I have been working with a trainer. There are some workouts I love and reenjoying…those are the workouts I do when I am on my own at the gym. As much as I would like to film my workouts sometimes its all dependent on my trainer and I don’t have the confidence to ask him or someone to fil my workout in the gym.

Not so long ago I filmed my own workout which received so much love, I am so excited to film my next one but eish setting some a space can be different but it is happening


One of the best investments i have made is saving up and buying my Fitbit charge 2 watch. Since using the Fitbit I have been tracking my workouts, running as it helps keep me on top of my progress, pace, heart rate and all the other amazing things. More details on how I stay on track with my weight loss using the Fitbit charge 2!

For me these ways are simple, easy and dont take me much time however I have find these the most effective way for me to get myself back on track.

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