August 28, 2018



Hey Babe,

I can not believe that I made the first week of the Glow Cleanse. I am super proud of myself and the fact that I am alive today queue dramatic hand to forehand. Previously I mentioned all expectation and impression about the lifestyle guide, with no first-hand evidence of the Cleanse besides what I see. Today I share my very first personal view on the Glow Cleanse.

Read my Before the Glow Cleanse here

This week has been extremely eye opening, I never thought that something so simple can change my mental, emotional and physical state of mind ever. Duh I know.

On my instastories you may have noticed that I share some of my meals/snacks with you however there were days that I just posted few and far between, simply because I respect RushTush and what she is doing, to not give away her secret to the amazing madness.

In my previous blog posts, I promised to share my Weekly Update, Review and Thoughts about the GlowCleanse and that is why we are all here today. I will be sharing the good and bad and results.

Let’s Get into It

The Good

  1. You are able to place this glow cleanse into your budget with out feeling like its breaking the bank
  2. Hulk Juice is not bad, you may have seen a tweet of mine where I kind of told the world I dislike Green Juices. Hulk changed that for me.
  3. The meals are easy to prep and store. I get home around 15:30 so I’m able to enjoy my snack and dinner with out rushing or even eating at 8pm
  4. I saw a difference in my mood from the second day. My energy was just better and I felt happier
  5. I dropped some Kgs (I will let you know the results that a bit later)
  6. Exercising was easy. I felt good in my skin I didn’t mind looking like fool at gym trying to do my moves while everyone watched me.  it was easy for me to give up on the treadmill after 10 and guess what happened?  But lasted 30 mins on the treadmill and I think in total I ran for 10 mins.
  7. I felt as if I had the constant support by Rushtush just because you know she is just a message away.
  8. Most Importantly I started loving my body again

The Bad

  1. Day one was hard, constantly hungry and I was really agitated during the day because all I wanted to know was get up and grab a cup of coffee
  2. Headaches for day 1 to 3: that’s mainly because I went cold turkey on diary and caffeine and sugar. I used to drink up to 6 cups of coffee and now I’m down to 1 a week when I’m feeling sluggish before heading to gym
  3. Feeling as if I wasn’t going to make it. If you have been following my blog I have tried to start the healthy lifestyle so many times and failed as soon as I felt I wasn’t losing anything
  4. Day 6: I hardly ate, I was nauseas and there was something about that dilly that I can’t think about having to cook myself separate food from my family. All I gave my body was:
    • A hulk Juice
    • Fish Fillet – I couldn’t stand the taste of salad/avo


SO, the GOOD outweighs the bad. I would like to say this before going any further. Earlier in my blog post that I respect RushTush and her brand. I do not mind helping or answering questions about Budget, Results.

PLEASE don’t ask me about meals or recipes but I will send you packing 😛


The part you may be waiting for I lost 2.5kgs in week 😊 Yup, and I feel fabulous let me just say.



My body changes may be slight or you may not see the total difference but all that matters to me is that im feeling great and I see the changes.

Week One was good and just pushed me to get myself back into shape! I love you guys for the love and support. Let me go get gorgeous in Week 2 and I will catch here same time same place.


Until we meet again.



3 responses to “GLOW CLEANSE: WEEK 1”

  1. Monique says:

    thanks enjoyed this read especially as Ive being wanting to do the glow cleanse for a while now and i love reading others reviews.

  2. Danielle says:

    So glad I read this! Roughly how much did each week cost for the ingredients?

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