August 30, 2018

Getting Started With Your Editorial Calendar For Your Blog


We have all seen the word Editorial Calendar which can be super hectic, but let me be honest its not. An editorial calendar is a schedule of when, what, why and how your blog will be run. It’s a really simple and great way to plan and track you blog posts. For me, I have about 4 calendars that really need to be in sync which I have mentioned this in my blog post about Staying Organized in Life.

You may be wondering “But you don’t post a schedule” exactly that I sometimes love living on the edge with my blog and then there are weeks or months where I need to get a message across so I sit pump out blog posts and then I just schedule my way through. One thing for sure both sides or the spectrum give me so much pleasure in life. However, since adding an editorial calendar into my life I feel at ease.

But its hard to break a habit, trust me I know. I decided to share the steps of how to use and start an Editorial Calendar.

STEP 1: Get Your Tools

Key word: Calendar, I have tried to use so many things from Google Sheets, Excel, Day Planners and I stuck with Google Calendar (WOAH, I know) Why? It’s extremely customisable and its just another thing I can access anywhere. Okay Let me be honest here, I have two calendars.

An Editorial Calendar which is all about the process of my blog post writing from draft to published and An Editorial Schedule Calendar when the blog posts are CONFIRMED and pretty much ready for publishing.

STEP 2: What are you going to write about?

Just like that, choose what your blog posts are going to be about. For me? I write about Lifestyle mainly and Blogging and sometimes here and here social media. That will be mainly your niche of the blog the “Main” focus on your blog. One thing for sure pick a “Main” focus and kind work around that.

STEP 3: Where is it going to go?

This is my categories for my blog so if you noticed on my sidebar I have a number of tags which help me with “sub categories” and then I have my main blog categories which You will see at the top of my blog this allows me to organize my blog and also makes it so much easier for my calendar and for my readers to get all the YDJ juice that want.

STEP 4: Brainstorm blog posts

So, you have done your categories focus of you blog now you need to figure out blog posts you are going to write so grab a book and pen and start jotting down what you want to write about. This can be pretty scary in because sometime you are just at a stump. When I feel like that I go on the internet and start looking at fellow bloggers “BLOG POST IDEAS” Here are some of my favourite bloggers ideas

STEP 5: Blogging Days

This is my survival 101 in life, I schedule blogging days that I really want to sit down and write as many blog posts as I can, okay, remember it doesn’t have to be on point because there will be other days where we can perfect them. I normally schedule two days in the month (Mainly Sunday or Saturdays) that I dedicate to being in bed and blogging.

STEP 6: Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!

Now that you have your blog post ideas and some blog posts planned out, Schedule when you want each post to be published and then when you will be writing them, proof reading (I normally do this the day before the post goes live) and quite frankly it’s the best way to know what you will be speaking about.

Having an editorial calendar is one of the greatest ways to stay on time with my blog post and with my 4 calendars I need one. This helps keeping on track with your blog vision, mission and helps with not going off- topic…Who am I to talk? But I love mixing and matching.

Until we meet again, xoxo


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