Get Over Your Gym Intimidation

September 1, 2019

Hey babe,

For all newbie work out /gym people out there. The gym can be one of the most intimidating places to spend your time…trust me I know when I started going to the gym I hated going simply because everything was literally exposed. It was one of the most difficult places to be.

Working out is hard, it’s a mental game of note because you need to completely be able to zone out from the world and focus on yourself. But the result is all worth it trust me

One of the questions I get asked is How do I get over the fear of the gym. I am still not over it, but it become such a normal thing in my life because it’s apart of my routine. I have my days where I want to hide, normally on the day I feel that way is when Ricky decides to train in the open and I kind of deal with it.

Don’t let the fear of the whole gym thing stop you from being the best version of yourself honey. Its not going to be the easiest thing but it is going to be the greatest thing you will ever do in your life for yourself. If you thinking about hitting the gym and kidding your gym sessions and you are nervous about it.  This post is for you as I will be providing you with some ways that can help you face your fear.

Go to gym classes

this is probably one of the greatest things that could possibility help anyone with the intimidation. Gyms have some awesome sessions available throughout the day. If you are a gym member check to see if your gym has some classes.

Gym classes allow you to meet people on the same mission as you so there is a common ground for you to get out of your comfort zone.

If you are not a gym member there are amazing classes in and around Cape Town. Here are some of classes that you may join

Follow your fitness inspiration that you relate to

Social media is something we all spend hours on, but for our own mental health why not follow people that inspire you to get out of bed and work out. Truth is your inspirations felt exactly the same as you are feeling right now and they were able to overcome it.

Okay, so heres the thing I have my moments too even though I have been more active in the gym, where I cant get out of my head so I understand what you may be feeling. I have a number of fitness inspirations that I follow that give me the kick in the behind when I am super lazy.

My Top Fitness Inspirations are:

Please comment your fitness inspirations

Grab your workout partner

You don’t need to do it alone. Grab a friend and take them along with you to the gym it be a lot more fun and also you will be bonding and experiencing something together.

having a workout partner allows you to get out of your comfort zone. try classes you never thought you would and it is the best and a very easy way to keep you accountable with sticking to your workout journey.

Hire a PT(optional)

This one really help me get over my gym fear. Let me be realistic it’s an investment and honestly it can be pricey to hire a personal trainer. But since I have been training with Ricky  gym is fun and also I get to get the best kind of workouts for me.

I am taking a 2 week break from training with him in September because I am going to be working on my self motivation and self-discipline also, I have been on the go for a really long time and I just feel I owe it to myself to take a break and limit some stuff in my life.

Don’t worry I will see be training but just on my own for 2 weeks.            

Let me remind you that nobody is paying attention to you.

One thing I have learnt through this working out world is that it’s not only me that is exposed at the gym, yes there are people that look better or are fitter than you or even have fat flying around (I know this one too well) but no matter what stage they are in their journey they have felt the same like you feel at this moment.

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