August 7, 2018

Do You Have A Morning Routine? Does It Work?

What is the first thing you do in the morning? For me, when I finally put my alarm off I check to see who sent me messages or how my social media is looking like. Which is such a bad habit because it makes me think what is my first priority in life. Through my journey of trying to improve my life, in general, I have realized that my morning routine does not work for me anymore.

You have to have a good routine it helps with creating a positive energy to have a successful day. Ever heard that side “Humans work better in the morning” well that just means we have to make the most of it.

At the beginning of 2018, I posted my night time and daytime routine – Guys it didn’t work trying to get into a routine is so hard for me so I have kinda scrapped it and added in a few new things, Here is a list of things (some or all) to your routine to make it a great one.


Reset your alarm.

I usually wake up at 5 30. But my alarm goes off at 5 am. (yes I snooze a lot) So I have decided to set my new alarm for 430am which will give me time to create my new habits and gives me more time to do things right. However, you may need to go to bed earlier than usual.

To eliminate the “SNOOZE” fest. Set your alarm and place it away from your bedside table to have to get out of bed instead of snoozing.

Make Your Bed

Ever want to roll out of bed and then roll back into bed? I make my bed in the evening because I don’t have time. Did you know? When your private space is untidy your mind is all over the place. If work has been hectic coming home to an untidy bed can make you feel even worse. SO a tidy bed when getting home from work will make you take one or two minutes to have the last impact.

Drink Lemon water.

Lemon water has become a staple in my life with my supper. But adding a simple glass of warm water with the lemon it will have great benefits in your life.

Lemon water has so many benefits: Gets rid of toxins, helps with digestions and balance Ph Levels

Full Facial Cleanse

I rush this part and clearly you not supposed to rush it because trying to make my day in  20 minutes so im hoping by waking up earlier

To Do Lists

I tend to do this first thing when I get to work. This allows me to make sure I have a handle on all my tasks at work and what I need to do when I get home. Places my day into perspective. One great thing at work is that I am starting earlier and ending earlier which gives me about 3 extra hours in the evening to get things done. It wont last but I will take this time to enjoy it

Have a healthy breakfast

My new diet has me eating A LOT of protein and I have a really simple breakfast during the weekend 2 boiled eggs. A great breakfast gives your body, mind and soul fuel that will keep you going fo rthe day. Say Hello to healthy and GoodBye to Fruit loops (I know its sad)

If you are a lucky soul and you can squeeze in a workout, BABE Do it!!! My workouts are in the evenings and afternoons so I cant add but do it!

Habit Tracker!

I recently found a habit tracker and I have been using it to track me getting into a routine of life. My tracker is stuck on my cupboard door so I can color in my day block every day. I decided to create a printable to share with you.


Tell me what you do to create your perfect routine





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