July 16, 2018


Hey Babe,

My previous blog post I spoke about the “reboot” of getting into shape and what has motivated me to do this. As I mentioned this series is really a personal one for me simply because I lose faith, but I am slowly but surely working on fighting through the demons that stop me from reaching my goal.

Today’s Post is all that I will be doing to make sure I stay on track with my work out schedule and my diet. Some of the ways may b “stupid” but it makes me feel secure in something else is motivating me.



You probably thinking “Say what” but I am discovery medical users and I decided to have the system motivate me, besides getting rewards for meeting my target. Having the vitality package means I need to meet a certain amount of gym sessions a year for me to keep my discounted rate. It feels stupid but it makes me feel like I am gaining in a sense and it’s something I can check in once a day and see my vitality points increasing for a workout.

Virgin Active App

I am a member of the virgin active gym.  They have this amazing app that allows me to set your own goals that you would like to achieve in a certain space of time. There are certain categories that you are able to use when creating this goal.


Its better done in a group, my gym has really amazing classes that I can go to and I will be using that as one of the ways I can stay on track. I recently found a class that looks really fun that I would like to do, I even got my best friend to get excited with me. We don’t see each other much because of “adulting” so this is a good way to get together.

Classes I would like to try at Virgin Active; Rumble, Pound, Zumba and The Grid.

Sharing my journey with you

Having a blog is the best way to keep me motivated, locking myself down to keeping to a schedule is pretty dope. I know there are some ladies and gents out there that may be going through what I go through and my #1 goal for my blog is helping others through my mistakes and celebrations.

These are some of my ways that I will motivate myself at the moment, as my journey proceeds there will be so many more coming up. I really hope this blog post is hopeful with ideas for you to motivate yourself with your journey.

Comment below how you motivate yourself for gym


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