Fitness Journey: Staying Consistent

June 9, 2019

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is How do I stay consistent on my fitness and weight loss journey. Truth is I struggle almost every day. Being consistent or truly committed to this journey is super difficult for anyone and especially myself, we get super invested in looking at the negative of “I cant keep this going” but the truth is these are all lessons to prove that you can do anything you set your life out to do.

Trying to stay consistent is a tough job but at least you are trying and sooner or later it will become a second nature to you. A great piece of advice that my mom told was make this journey like a MUST, so you must work out, have a hulk juice and it will be easier for you.

Let’s dive into my tips to staying consistent with my journey.


This is probably one of the best advices I can give you. Create and schedule an admin day, this day is important in keeping yourself on track with what you want to do for the week.

I spend about 2 to 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon. I try to plan my week according to what I need to do in the week these normally consists of:

To make this most effective, make your google calendar work for you.


This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, is get something that can help you with your journey there are so many out there (ill share some meal plans for you…just now). Having an eating plan is like pushing the reset button on keeping yourself on track.

Having an eating plan and seeing results gets me all motivated when I am coming to the end of it, it feels like a reminder to me what I am doing this all for. For example, during lunch time I feel like going to Mc Donald’s for lunch but then when I am on the glow cleanse and Rushtush says “HULK SOUP” I get a reminder of what and why am I doing this for.

Some plans that are good or have helped me along the way


for me, this goes hand in hand with admin day, take some time out of a Sunday, make your meals or roast you veg and meat. Place it in a container and refrigerate it and you are good to go.

Also, I cant stress this enough Pack your lunch or set your lunch aside in your fridge the night before so you are certain you will be getting the proper meals and nutrition for the next day.


This is super duper fun, because its one of my biggest motivators. Taking a pic every month of how I look in my favourite outfit, take my measurements, jot down my weight in a logbook. At the end of the month or a 4-week period take your measurements and a new pic of how you look in that pretty outfit.

Even have a mini photoshoot and post it on social media.


This keeps me accountable for my journey. Jot down 10 things that you really want to do and then make it a treat for you to get to. so, since I have reached my 100kgs I want to change something about my look (which I won’t be sharing, you will just need to wait and see).

My rewards consist of a manicure, pedicure, haircut, lovely dinner or lunch with a friend at a nice restaurant, a piece of clothing like a self-care reward system.


A couple of months ago, I felt as if my life had fallen apart. One thing that really helped me was having a habit tracker which allowed me to try for getting my life back on track and trust me it did.

Right now, I have lost my way again in some ways and decided that I will be using a habit tracker to get the things that seem to be hard for me to remember to do like reading, making a bed before work (silly small things).

I made my own habit tracker for you to download use. All you have to do is write down some habits you want to conquer this month and every day that you do the habit colour in the block and look at how consistent you are at the end of the month oh, don’t forget to reward yourself 😛

Some of my habits I will be using this month

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I really hope this helps you a lot, this post may be a jumbled ball of mess but these are the tips and tricks I use to stay consistent on my journey!

Comment below if this is post is helpful and something you enjoy! also what are your tips and tricks for staying consistent.

P.S – I have a post about how I find my motivation for my workouts. Read Here.

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