January 21, 2019

Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls

Hi, I’m Janine and I am a lazy girl. Honestly if there was a way for me to lay in bed and still reach my goals I would so be there. I am probably the biggest procrastinator ever! But since i have made it a mission and goal for me to be healthier. I have some fool-proof ways that made me hack the lazy out of me to get to my fitness goals.

I have received some questions about how I got into the somewhat fitness routine I have been. Its pretty hard when you adding a whole new dimension in your life. But you will feel 100% better once you don’t think about what you doing.

Todays blog I will sharing my 5 Lazy Girl Hacks To Fitness

Plan your meals ahead of time

This is a hack that I haven’t really hacked to be honest, I don’t know about you but spending about 2 hours on a Sunday to cook for the week is not something that excites me also I am someone that only eats something that she feels like. So planning to eat something 5 days before doesn’t work for.

What I do instead, if I am not on a planned-out diet is write down what protein I will want for the days and make sure I have that at hand. My week lunches are pretty simple, I take my second helping of supper to work the next day or ill add an extra piece of chicken to the mix and make a quick salad for my lunch.

Schedule Your Workout

I have made it my soul mission to live my life according to my diary (my phone + paperback). Its all because then I know what I have to deal with and I have came with the mentality if its in the day planner, honey theres no turning back. I don’t plan the exact exercise but I determine which days are Cardio Days and which days are more intense.

Since I have been doing this, I take my needed rest day to recoop and get my workout goal for the week.

Workout with someone/Make it a social event

I love this one! Its not a secret that I have a personal trainer. Why did I get one? Because I knew that even though I was going to gym like I had to. I wasn’t pushing myself because I was scared or thought I couldn’t do it. Since training with a trainer I have reached mini milestone (staying at the gym for more than 45mins) and its fun. I have someone to moan to when the workout is tough and someone to kick my butt when I slack.

A video I filmed on Camps Bay – A mini home workout when I am not training with a trainer

I recently roped my best friend into my cardio days because why not? We have decided to make running apart of our friendship and we would love to reach a goal together by doing the 8weeks to 5km challenge because its something fun. Seeing your best friend or friends does not have just be about sitting and eating your cravings why not add some fitness into it to. I’m excited can you tell

Rewards Yourself with a lazy day

Oh yes, I said lazy day. A day when you don’t work out. The worst thing you can do is workout everyday, push through your tiredness or exhaustion just to injure yourself. What is the point of it all? Besides rewarding yourself with a cheat meal make a day of it. Grab a book/move or Netflix, Popcorn and chill the f out for the day.

My Final Wisdom:

Working out or getting into the fitness life should be a competition or a time that you hate on yourself. Its just another hobby that you want to take up. Make it as fun as you need it be. Use it as a stress reliever and more importantly do it for yourself.

Please tell me if you got to hack it at the fitness games with these. Have fun and Go Get Your Goal Boo!

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