June 24, 2019

Fitness Goals 2019: Check In

That time of the year again when you need to do the massive reality check of life. Those goals you set out in the beginning of the year how far are you to reaching your goal? What you need to change? Adding new goals?

I have not been able to do this and honestly when I looked Fitness Goals For 2019…I thought to myself “WHAT THE FUDGE GIRL…WHY HAVENT YOU EVEN TRIED TO REACH THEM”. It has become such a reality check for me because I have on auto pilot this entire year and not pushing myself to the level and trying to get myself where I want to be. Yes, it can be tough. I don’t know about you, but have you ever planned to do something in your life and then lost focus and got nowhere near where you wanted to be. OH YES! That’s me

This year I have decided to do and commit to everything I want out of this year. You can’t control what happens in your life but one thing in life I can really control is my fitness & wellness journey. With simple goals, I can achieve it makes me feel like I can conquer anything and everything I put my mind to.

This post I will be sharing where I am with reaching my goal and what I am going to change to make sure I get closer to my goal or even achieving my goal in less than 6 months.

Lets Check In Of My Goals

Loss a minimum of 15kgs by 31 December 2019

This goal is such an important of my year, I really want to change for the better. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you that I am close to reaching this goal. The truth is I am not I lose weight and then think I can eat what I like then put on a 1kg and try all over again.

Recently when I lost all that weight and then I had a binge day and life become difficult. I mentally thought I would be disappointment to the world but the difference to all this was that I was happy because I bounced back and have been making better decisions.

For this year I have only lost about 4 solid kilograms which makes me happy but with my new programs and eating ideas and all that stuff I know I can make it

Run 5km by June 2019:

Lets laugh and say I tried! I am nowhere near being able to run a 5km. What happened? Laziness I tried to do something that I thought I needed to do not that I wanted to do. I remember at the time that running was becoming a popular and honestly, I thought I was going to be like.

To be honest that is when I lost my most weight and my body changed for the better as soon as I stopped oh boy! I just bounced back to the previous look. My tummy got flabbier and the muffin top grew ☹ it’s just the harsh reality.

What am I doing now? Well If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I have joined the ThePackRunning X TheNineFour: #runcult2019. We are training for the 9th August 2019 10km race! aaaaahhh can’t believe I just said that 😀 who am I? this is an initiative I have done for myself, with myself and the only person I need to rely on is myself. I met these ladies a week ago and it’s a group of fantastic women. From the super fit to me LOL. Its amazing just being around women with same focus and end goal.

Be consistent throughout the year:

Well! I think I have been pretty good but then again, I am relying on someone else. If it wasn’t for me having a trainer…. will I go to gym? Doubt it. But it become such a big part of my life and the high from working out, running being outdoors and active has kept me on my toes

Stick to my nutritional plan

oh gosh that hasn’t happened, but I have researched new ways to getting a nutritional plan that I love and don’t dread uhm hello WINTER GLOW, Naked Glow, GlowCleanse by Rushtush

Make fitness apart of my routine:

I have a routine and Its amazing and its working now. My fitness and workout schedule have changed so much even when I try to divine it, life happens, and I am unable to do the right now.

My workout schedule now:

  • Monday – Personal Trainer Session / Run
  • Tuesday – Personal Trainer Session
  • Wednesday – Run Cult
  • Thursday – Personal Trainer Sessions
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – Run Cult

Do the 2019 Gun Run in October:

this goal has changed from just doing the gun run to adding the woman race that I am currently training for on the 9th of August 2019. I am super duper excited.

now that I have shared my progress on the goals, it’s time for me to share some of my new goals for the rest of the year.

New Goals

  1. Do the Winter Glow Cleanse?
  2. Get your Naked Glow diet down to the tea
  3. Do the 8-week Ros Flint program
  4. Keep Killing It

Sometimes it can be hard to list and see how far you are with your goals, but the thing is you got to have a mental reality check because you are the only one in your life that can live your life… oops

Comment below your goals and how far you are to conquer it

P.S I love you guys <3

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