How My Fitbit Helps Me Stay On Track with My Weight-loss Journey

March 2, 2019

How I Use My Fitbit Wch for fitness

We all know that fitness watches are a thing, I have been wanting to purchase my own watch for a really long time but im not going to lie it is expensive . Let’s be honest, to me it was just going to be a fashion statement. In November I was finally able to purchase my fitness watch with money I had saved.

My fitbit tracks my activity, heart rate monitor, sleep patterns, number of flights I have conquered, how many calories I have burnt in the day and I am able to monitor what I burn, Heart rate .etc during my workouts.

I posted on my social media that I will be sharing the features that help me stay on track with my weight loss journey and here we are.

So…How does it do it?

Tracks my activity/Workout.

Well, this is simple. It tells me how active I was during the day. I have a daily step goal that I need achieve 10k steps in a day. This allows me to make sure I do things that get me to my daily goal.

My fitbit also tracks my workouts what I burn, heart rate which is really important to track your progress. I swear it is the best thing, it the way I track how hard I trained or how active I was for the day.

Tracks my sleeping patterns

Sleep is probably the best invention in life. Sleep is also an important part about living an active life. My fitbit tells me how long I spent in each sleeping stage which is super beneficial, since I have been on leave I have noticed I am sleeping better.

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Reminds me to take my supplements

This is one of the most important things for me in particular, I have certain medication that I have to take. The Fitbit allows me to set an alarm and having the fitbit remind me to take it is so helpful because once I get distracted, I don’t take my medication and having PCOS missing a day of medication is not something I want to get used to.

Counts my calories

This is probably the one of the most important features on the fitbit. This allows you to track how many calories you take in (through what you consume) to how many calories you burn every day. It is the great way to help keep you on track and assist with losing weight.

On a daily after every meal I place everything I have consumed for the day to make sure I do not over eat. There is a big database of foods that is already entered into the fitbit database but sometimes you may need to add what you eat.

Water Intake

if you read my previous blog post about my beginner’s tips, Water is extremely important as it helps removed toxins from your body. The fitbit app allows you to calculate if you have reached your goal. At the moment my goal is to drink about 3 litres of water a day but I strive for about 2litres and push it if I’m craving the bad things.

My final thoughts,

The fit bit has been my best investment because It motivates more than one could expect. Seeing how I pushed myself every day, being reminded to take my medication which really important is a great thing. Having a fitbit has been my biggest motivation just because I am accountable to something that is constantly near me

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