August 23, 2018

Daily Essentials : 1min Urban Detox Mask Review

Hey Babes,

I’m so excited to write this blog post. My very first beauty review (I don’t know how to do this). Its not very often that I have a major freak out about any beauty product. However, finding a skin care product especially with my skin being so sensitive makes my soul happy. Let’s Dive into It.


This is one amazing product; I don’t know about you but sometimes the thought of me having to do a face mask makes me tired (or I’m just lazy) because it takes time, however seeing this 1-minute detox mask which practically does the same thing as my normal one I was sceptical so I decided to give it a try and Let me tell you – ITS AMAZING!

The DAILY ESSENTIALS: 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK is a self-heating formula which detoxes your skin by reducing any environment stressors. Nivea says that the mask relieves your skin from impurities, refines pores and visibly tighter for noticeably clear, smooth and happy skin.


One thing that really intrigued me about this product is the self-heating element. I honestly didn’t believe it was going to work but it did. Why is s

The DAILY ESSENTIALS: 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK – Pore Refine has a self-heating property which really intrigued me, I was simply sceptical but you may be wondering why its important, well it is essential to help open pores and activate blood circulation which allows for the mask to penetrate the skin to get a deeper to clear the pores


One of the main ingredients in the DAILY ESSENTIALS: 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK is Magnolia Extract. The benefits of Magnolia Extract which is great for reducing fine lines or wrinkles, it improves the skins elasticity (bounce back effect), reduces redness and fades any skin pigmentation & spots. Oh, and obviously to smell good!


Step 1: Cleanse your face with your chosen facial cleanser

Step 2: Apply a good amount of product on your face (I normally heat it up in my hands first). Add more water to increase the activation of heat

Step 3: In circular motions massage your face from the bottom up

Step 4: Walk around, do a 1 min happy dance

Step 5: Rinse off and Enjoy your new feel lol


My experience with DAILY ESSENTIALS: 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK has been a great one, with my face being so sensitive my face used to feel like I was setting it alight after using my normal mask but I don’t get it that with this mask. And it felt pretty awesome telling my best friend about a beauty product which she described perfectly -COMFORTING

Comment below if you think I should be doing more beauty product reviews

Until we meet again

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