May 16, 2018

How to Achieve The Ultimate Blog Spring Clean


For a while I have been really struggling with my blog looking the way I want it, However, I don’t mind chopping and changing, let’s be honest; if I don’t like my blog how can I expect you to. Last month I had a bit of a massive mess up on my blog and it took me a really long time to get back on my feet. But I took that opportunity to give my blog the ultimate SPRING CLEAN moment. I don’t know about you but it can be quite a tedious job whether you have been blogging for years or for a few months sometimes to take a step back and get organized and back on track.

My recent blog clean up made me that since I am the Queen of Blog reboots and cleanups why not write a blog post on the best possible ways of doing the ultimate spring clean.

Analyze the NOW

This is always the first step, how can you improve on something if you don’t know where you are. this takes some time and effort. Remember this TRAIL AND ERROR. Whether you went to blog every single moment of the day to once a week. but that normally changes once you get into the swing of things.

Analyzing what makes your blog is something that you need to focus on, two items that you truly need to look at is:
1. Goals: Where do you want to be?
2. Stats: Look at your impact now and see how you can change that.

Change your layout

My favorite part of the cleanup, it’s changing the way my blog looks, if you haven’t noticed my blog has changed so much these past few years (well months). You seriously don’t need to go big I like I tend to do but there are small changes you can do like:

* Change the sidebar widgets
* update your “about me” profile picture
* header layout of your blog
* Blog main color
* Blog font

But a theme change is also the really good way to do it, Soon I will be sharing my favorite online shops to get your blog themes

Update all plugins

Having plugins installed on your site is the best thing you can do however not having them updated can cause serious problems, Delete any plugins that you aren’t using as it just takes up space and makes your blog slower.

Tip:Keep them updated, don’t ignore the orange number in the left-hand pane.

Update/Delete archive blog posts.

Ever dealing with some writers block? updating and reusing your blog posts are the best thing to beat to that, especially when you have not promoted your blog in a while.

It’s pretty hard to figure out which blog posts you want to rid of but you can solve that by answering these simple questions”:

* Will this blog post help with my new vision?
* Can I update this blog to be perfect?
* How does my stats look for this

Repeat this process every couple months to make sure you are staying on track with your blog goals. I really hope this post helps spark some ideas for the perfect spring clean for your blog.

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