March 23, 2018

Blog Post Ideas: New Bloggers

Ever been overwhelmed in trying to figure what your readers want to know about you? when you are a new blogger you trying to get your online presence out there and let your readers into your life. but don’t know what you need to post, trust me i have been there a lot,  I decided to share some blog post ideas with you to spark some creativity


  1. About Me post
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. 10 things no one know about you
  4. Talk about some who inspires you everyday
  5. What blogs do you follow?
  6. Your favorite (Movies,Series, Books .etc)
  7. Share you goals (blog, personal, Short Term and Long Term)
  8. Your Bucketlist
  9. A letter to the younger you
  10. Bloggers that inspire me
  11. What are you afraid of
  12. 5 current blog goals
  13. Whats in your bag?
  14. Do you have a 9-5? Tell us about it
  15. Your hopes for your blog
  16. My blogging process
  17. Must have blogging apps
  18. New bloggers I recently follow
  19. My Editorial Calendar
  20. How Do I Create my Featured photos
  21. Reflection of the blogging challenges
  22. Create a Top or Tip blog list
  23. What do you look forward to with your blogging journey?
  24. Share a day in your life
  25. Do a 30 day challenge on  Instagram/twitter and share it
I really hope these helped you out? What are your post ideas for newbie bloggers/

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