March 13, 2018

Back To Blogging

Its no secret that I have had my ups and downs when it came to blogging, but now that I am back and to be honest back for good  I wanted to share some ways that you can get back to blogging after a rut, break or when you are simply not motivated for blogging.

Going offline as often as I did but my blog really suffered but when I decided to get back into blogging for 2018 I realized my biggest mistakes and i have been trying to change that. So Today I would like to share my ways of getting back into blogging and how I have made it a successful one.

Evaluate Your Blog

This is the hardest part because your blog is supposed to be your pride and joy so being extremely critical is a bit hectic and it takes ALOT out of you, Trust me. I struggled . But one thing you can do is answers simple questions:
  • Are you happy with the focus of your blog?
  • Do you have a passion for the topics of blogs?
Remember when yourdailyjay had a fashion, beauty and lifestyle section? funny thing is I am not a fashion or beauty person. I look after my self but I don’t live and breathe fashion and beauty like successful beauty and fashion bloggers do. So I dropped it and kept my Lifestyle. I added Blogging and Social Media because I have a major passion for social media and I have a need to help bloggers in the same position that I am  or I was in.

Find Your Inspiration

I gain my inspiration looking at other bloggers in my niche to see where I want to be. However I love looking through Pinterest and searching my niches.

Blog Clean

I hate this section, but reading all your blog posts and get rid of the posts that don’t  make you feel that this is the new direction of your post, improve those that you are keeping (updating your blog images). This will allow you to use your previous posts so you are not starting all over again, because that can be daunting besides your blog posts look at updating your bio, profile pic, your side bar or do a massive layout, theme update.

Remind Yourself

Remember having a blog shouldn’t be about the free the stuff,remind yourself why you started, why is the purpose of your blog? My blog is my happy place so that is what I strive for at the end of the day.
This year, one of my biggest goals is not to go MIA at all even though February was a hiccup moment. These tips really helped me get back into the swing of things.
I am super interested in your tips for getting back to blogging?
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