March 31, 2019

Before the winter glow

Hey Hun,

A fun fact about me is I love winter! Its honestly my favorite time of the year. For the first time in my life I will be able to fight the habit of not looking after my body and lifestyle because you know why should I, its winter!

You know that I have been a big supporter of RushTush and her guides (Cleanses and Workouts), Ill say it again my journey took a drastic change when I started the glow cleanse and even though my body responded weird reason being, I was finally giving my body what it needs not what it wanted. I realised this is money well spent.

Last year, she released a cleanse that is fit for Winter and I was excited but that sense of FOMO came over me and I was super upset…Cyber Monday arrived and she put the cleanse on sale and girl was there.



This is will be my first winter where the thought of cleaner eating and tackling my goals head on will be considered. This week I have been prepping for the winter glow. Getting my shopping list and planning my meal prep days and all the fun stuff anyway let’s get into the post.


To me, winter means comfort food which is something I live for in winter. Its hibernation time of the year and I don’t know about you but leaving work on a raining to just stand in front of the stove to make you food is not the ideal life, right? Well the winter glow allows to have a lazy moment after getting home from your workout (had to throw in there). Meal prep is essential in this case and being able to kick my family out the kitchen…pump the jams and make my weeks meals or soup is something I am super excited for.

Just like the OG Glow Cleanse it is a 4 week plan that repeats every two weeks meaning week 1 and 3 are the same and week 2 and 4 are the same which limits any wastage. Every week is set out and explained so well and the pretty booklet is amazing. Oh, it’s a booklet that comes available as soon as you have purchased it.


Comfort food at its best! I have begun to love veggies but honestly trying to “eat clean” the flavours have become extremely boring and I cant handle it anymore …. just being honest. Winter glow cleanse gives a variety of soups, juices, meals and a curry which I am most excited for.

As usual we do the pricing of the guide and yes, its expensive at first but I can guarantee that you wont have everything in your pantry and we freak out because its “pricey” but like I said previously RushTush made it so there is more than 2 servings of soup and meals are repeated so make double and reheat the next day you know what I means limited wastage.


Of course, I would expect to lose weight and all that stuff but I am mainly hoping for this cleanse to make me realize the true meaning of winter being transformation month getting resetting my body to be on point and ready to focus on the next chapter.


I’m starting today! Yes, I said it. As much as I would have loved to join the Tush Sculpt Challenge…I don’t think my body is ready in terms of fitness level but I thought why not, start on the 1st of April (since it’s a new month and on a Monday).

Okay, this is the tough part but here are me before the cleanse measurements…ill add the images later today

Weight:   102.7              
Neck:  36 
Hip:   126   
Tummy: 115   
Thigh: 67

Im excited for this chapter! cant wait to kill it

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