June 23, 2020

Before the Glow: Veggie Glow

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YAASSSS! It has been a while since I have written a before the glow post. This one is particulary exciting for me simply because it has been the glow cleanse I have been super excited about as it ties into the steps of nutritional journey.

As you know for the past few months I have been on the journey to start the plant based life so of course my timming was amazing and Rushtush heard my plans and launched the Veggie and Vegan Glow.

You may be thinking why choose veggie glow and not the vegan glow? I will be getting my hands on the vegan glow once I have 100% completely comfortable with the Veggie, I havent come to terms of parting ways with cheese(its a bad addiction of mine). it may sound weird but this is something I have always wanted to do, you know the plant based life.

The glow life has changed my journey to a different level. Not being able to think of swap food and kind of just knowing that a meal plan has your back when trying to change your life for the better, is pretty amazing especially if you are busy and lose faith when you dont know what to cook for supper or lunch.


Besides the gorgeous layout of the cleanse and all the athestatic goals that come with it. The guide gives you the most important information about what you need to do in order to have a sucessful transistion into a plant based life.

The guide teaches you how easy it takes to transistion into a begtarian in 5 easy steps,which can be daunting because its soemthing different, How to create a healthy and balance plate and probably the most important -Eating out while sticking to your lifestyle change.

For me personally my transistion has been trigger by my health and I did alot of research but the information in the veggie glow is simple, easy to understand and simple.

Its a 4 week plan broken up into 2 weeks and then repeated which is pretty amazing because its workable for my budget.


Simple words “Obsessed”. I have been trying meals that are to my liking but not nesscary healthy because its the nice version of plant based not the real stuff. The meal planis exposing me to the food items that I would love to try but not sure how to use in meals like Tofu, Edamame Beans and Black beans – theres more but those are the items that scared me. Scared me but not as much as celery does. I dont like it and I will never like it but atleast this cleanse does not have alot of Celery in it. So im a happy girl


for the first time in my weight loss journey my expectation of starting a new plan is not to lose weight! This veggie glow expectation is all about getting myself into the lifestyle I want which is to be more plant based.

I lost my way with my journey but combining something that I want to do for myself and my passion to be healthy again is a plus.

I wont be sharing my measurements this time around, not because I dont want to. I will be sharing it abit later. Truth is , I am not comforable enough to share it right now.

If you would like to follow my journey also pictures of the meals (NO RECIPES) then you definitely need to follow my plant based diary (@im_plant_) on Instagram. We all know the saying “You eat with your eyes”.

Are you starting the Veggie Glow?

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