August 21, 2018


Before the Glow Cleanse

Hey Babes,

My birthday came early this year, I decided to buy myself a gift early. If you are from South Africa you would know that the lifestyle and fitness life has been taken over by three simply words RUSHTUSH GLOW CLEANSE. I would probably call it a movement which is the best way for me to describe it. Why? I have personally seen everyone who is on the Glow Cleanse move from living a lifestyle that wasn’t working for their bodies to a healthier and happier life.

That is exactly my goal to move into a healthier and happier lifestyle. Trying to keep myself on track (eating wise) was difficult because I am a comfort eater (a bad one to be exact). I was really scared to buy a lifestyle plan and not let it work but THERE IS SO MUCH EVIDENCE OUT THERE it’s unbelievable so it pushed more and more for me to do it. I mean check out bootyandbeautyblogs’ transformation.

My Motivation

This is always something someone will ask, But I think the motivation to myself  challenge to take on the Glow Cleanse is the fact that I really need to find the true balance of my life in all aspects . I have mentioned here and there that I was diagnosed with syndrome that has a major aspect of Weight Gain as one the major causes or stressors of the syndrome. I tried everything but I fell off the wagon or I would do “NO CARBS” for the week and then the weekend I got CARB DRUNK . So, I had to find something that I would enjoy and give me the results to motivate me.

Why Rushtush Glow Cleanse?

I said it before there is so much evidence out there and besides that RushTush does not force the world into joining the Glow Cleanse. That was one of the biggest selling factors – Are there results? And do you feel pressured into do it and I don’t.

First Impressions of the lifestyle plan

Last Sunday I was nagging and asking my mom whether or not I should buy and try it out, Okay I actually sat staring at the Glow Cleanse for a while before nagging my mom. And I finally did it, Yes buying a lifestyle plan can be expensive but I was excited. As soon as it downloaded I had to read it not only to find out what I was going to eat but her views on a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a 4-week plan which you may think (that’s a real long time) but with time flying by it won’t be bad. it’s a pretty booklet that makes you more excited but the lay out of the plan is pretty cool. Each week is set out and explained so well. What to expect during each week is a major plus for me to.

The Meals

It’s a lot of salads and veggies. I love both the only thing I’m really not looking forward to is the amount of Fish on the diet. But lately (I think with age) my taste buds are evolving to the taste of Fish. I am excited try it. Oh, and there are SNACKS which is good.

I did the pricing of each week and added it all up. ITS JUST LIKE MONTHLY SHOPPING  BROKEN UP and Budget friendly I mean you buy all the ingredients that will be reused once and top up as you need which is fantastic.

My Expectations

Well, to lose weight? That’s like 40% of it, I really expect me to get into the groove of life and routine of knowing what my body needs when it needs it. Losing weight is kind of just a plus for me but I believe revitalizing my mind, soul and body (mixed it up) is exactly what I need.

Before the Glow Cleanse Measurements

Who would want to share what they look like? I do – I was to show you that the proof is in the pudding (I guess I’m just the pudding for now)



I will sharing my highs and lows every single week and my measurements and thoughts of the Glow Cleanse. I’m starting today. Make sure you are following me on Social Media for my daily updates.

Until we meet again


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