About Me

Hello, I am Janine a Cape Town based blogger who is all about Lifestyle.

I am currently on a journey from flab to fab from the inside out focusing on Lifestyle, Wellness and Fitness.

In 2013, I started YOURDAILYJAY as a place for me to share my life and thoughts in one place, unfortunately when I started my blog I did not know my voice and who I was. 7 years down the line and YOURDAILYJAY is a space for me to finally share my lifes journey from flab to fab and so much more…

My mission for YOURDAILYJAY is create a space where I am able to share my wellness, lifestyle and fitness journey with the world in hopes to inspire and motivate others in living the best version of themselves without having the feeling that you are alone.

YOURDAILYJAY will be my place to share my journey with you. the good, the bad and the ugly with my personal exprience I will be sharing recipes, products you need to try and more importantly tips and tricks to transform your life.

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