Hello There!

My name is Janine. A 20-something lady from the beautiful city of Cape Town. By day I work in the IT industry as a Business Intelligence Operations Head by night I am like every other girl trying to get a grip on life

I started YourDailyJay in 2013 with no vision just knew I wanted to start a blog and brand. Since the birth of YourDailyJay , its gone through a series of changes which has been the biggest challenge. I found the pressure of living this fake life to be relevant in the world.

In May 2018 I was diagnosed with PCOS which made life have so much more meaning than just enjoying it to the fullest. I began my journey to a healthier me and since then I realized my passion to help and inspire those who finding their better selves.

Stepping on a scale was a foreign concept to me, I was always fat and never wanted to change who I was because I was scared. Right now finding out that there is a healthier and happier girl inside of me is my destination.

YourDailyJay has now changed into a different space with being the realest version of myself. I point for ladies to find out that this can be done. My goal is to lose 44kgs and with my lifes challenges its not easy.

Yourdailyjay will be a knowledge base of my journey what works for me, meal prep, meal plans, my struggles and tips and tricks to make this journey easier for you and me.

I hope that by me sharing my journey it inspires you to live a better and healthy lifestyle, I never thought this would be my life and look at me with a genuine version of myself.

Follow my journey and I promise you that I will true and get healthy and keep you up to date with the good, the bad and the ugly.