Who Is YourDailyJay?

Welcome to my YourDailyJay.

A 20-something lady from the beautiful city of Cape Town. By day I work in the IT industry as a Business Intelligence Operations Head by night I am like every other girl trying to get a grip on life

I started YourDailyJay in 2013 with no vision just knew I wanted to start a blog and brand. Since the birth of YourDailyJay , its gone through a series of changes which has been the biggest challenge. I found the pressure of living this fake life to be relevant in the world.

In May 2018 I was diagnosed with PCOS which made life have so much more meaning than just enjoying it to the fullest. I began my journey to a healthier me and since then I realized my passion to help and inspire those who finding their better selves.

Stepping on a scale was a foreign concept to me, I was always fat and never wanted to change who I was because I was scared. Right now finding out that there is a healthier and happier girl inside of me is my destination.

YourDailyJay has now changed into a different space with being the realest version of myself. I point for ladies to find out that this can be done. My goal is to lose 44kgs and with my lifes challenges its not easy.

Yourdailyjay will be a knowledge base of my journey what works for me, meal prep, meal plans, my struggles and tips and tricks to make this journey easier for you and me.

I hope that by me sharing my journey it inspires you to live a better and healthy lifestyle, I never thought this would be my life and look at me with a genuine version of myself.

Follow my journey and I promise you that I will true and get healthy and keep you up to date with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Welcome Again,

Hi I'm Janine

Welcome To My Journey! I am a 25 year old IT girl on her journey from fat to fab and the babe behind this blog. Here on yourdailyjay.com. I share my personal expriences and more importantly share my weight loss journey in hopes to motive and inspire others like me. Sign Up to my Newsletter to be the first to know about new blog post, competitions and all the good stuff???