5 reasons to document your fitness journey

July 27, 2020

Let’s start this post with probably one of the most powerful saying, “Fitness/Wellness is a Lifestyle,” and that’s the tea sis! Like any other journey in life pregnancy, wedding, a new career, studies .etc we have to go through the journey, but if you like me, you may lose track of where you at in life and may end up going off the rails.

When I transitioned my blog and social media to be all about my journey, there were many questions. The most important point “WHY?” well, social media is a powerful tool, but for many its, a diary, and that is what I wanted. You are aware my journey has not been a straight line. Its been up and down worse than a rollercoaster.

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One of the new things I  started a couple of months ago is my FITNESS journal. Yip, I have a journal, something that has been so comfortable. You are probably thinking, “Is this woman telling me to start a new project?” the quick answer is YES!. I have found it beneficial to have a journal, but you don’t need to spend money to do it, use what you have – your Instagram, an old notebook, or even excel. Okay, okay, But what are the reasons for it? What are the benefits?

Today I will be sharing the five reasons why you should document your fitness journey.


In the past, I relied on other people to keep me accountable. My doctors loved ones, followers, .etc, but the truth is they can only do so much. The best person for that job is YOU. Creating a new lifestyle takes a lot of determination. Trust me, I have failed, tried again with so many aspects of myself (my blog, running, weight loss), but since I have decided to keep myself on a strict plan and outline. I have been able to reach the mini-goals I have to set out.


These are the steps you will be taking to take your fitness to the next level. An action plan ensures that what you are doing is productive and working to reach your ultimate goal. It helps you keep the end in mind. If you go off track, you can do back to the action plan and bounce back.


What’s the point of putting in the hard work and not seeing it? Okay, besides how you may be seeing the changes on yourself. It would help if you had something that you can look back on to view that hard work on paper. Honestly, it’s going to be your motivation.

I use Instagram and use my blog, but it is so essential for me to have these kinds of platforms to go back and see the moments where I failed, moments where I succeeded, moments where I excelled every body’s expectation and the moments I wish never happened.

How can you track your journey? Excel, Bullet Journal, Social Media, Notepad anything that you can physically see.


Another big one. I would suggest doing this at every stage of your journey (weekly, monthly, quarterly). This is where you go back, look at what you did previously, look through your journey, Know where you are, what is working for you, what is not working and its a great way to set new goals, find out ways to take the negative and make it a positive.


I have mentioned it a couple of times. Documenting your journey will provide you with the encouragement when you feel like you may have failed, and those mini celebrations that you record will give you that boost you need.

Looking back on my journey, especially now that I feel like I am taking it a little more seriously, being able to look back on my journey has helped me push myself to restart and conquer

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