4 Memorable Moments Of My Fitness Journey

February 23, 2020

Something I need to highlight before I get into this blog post “Every body’s fitness journey is unique”. Mine is not the same as yours, sometimes we get so caught up with comparing our fitness journey to the next person but the truth is you can’t. 

This blog post is not for me to make you feel like the things I did are right, or things that worked for me didn’t work for you. The truth is that even though I made such great progress I allowed outside influences and stress from other people to get me to the point of not looking after myself. 

I hope I can share my milestones and as I share a lot more of my journey with you will inspire and motivate you on your own journey.

My fitness journey started when I was diagnosed with PCOS and it wasn’t by choice.However the most feared thing on this journey has soon become the favorite part of my journey which is working out. I will be sharing more about the beginning stages of my journey with you real soon.

Like I said before I have failed, but I still have milestones that were my fondest and honestly my motivation to get me back to how I felt in the moment so Here they are

These are the milestones I will always cherish from my first year on this journey and as much as I can be easier to look back and hate that I am not there anymore. it motivates me even more.

comment below your journey milestones honey

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