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Everything Your CV Needs

“Be a Person. Not a Resumé.”
― Sharad Vivek Sagar

One of the most important documents that you will ever need is your CV or how the cool kids will say “Resume”. To give a quick definition of what it is, its basically a summary of your life and achievements that depict what your career history. But when I say important this is the first interaction that your future employer would get to know you.

So…What Sections Are Essential In Your CV???

  1. Your Personal Information:
    Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, Home Number, LinkedIn profile (Not essential but its a nice touch)
  2. Education/Qualifications:
    Schools, College that you have attended. This is normally from descending order (Latest to Earliest).
    What month and year you completed?
    Subjects – Request on result
  3. Employment HistoryName of Company Job Title
     Years of Employment
    Work Duties: This is a summary of what you are able to do
  4. References
    This is extremely important, as this gives your potential employer the ability to contact your previous/current employer to find out more about you as a employee.Reference NameRelation to you (Manager) aka their job title
    Email Address
    Contact Number

Creating a CV can be daunting but its easy thing for you do, However don’t over think it. Summarize and add the most important things to your CV .

One More Tip:
ONE PAGE CVs are Life! Dont give your potential employers work to give you work :


I really hope these tips helped out, Soon I will be showing the ULTIMATE Do’s and Don’t of Cvs!

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