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Social Media

Reboot Your Instagram

May 5, 2017

Instagram is my go to social media, its my way of communicating to my readers about what is going on in my personal life and ways to get my new blog posts noticed, However I have been struggling with getting readers or followers to my blog which I think is a result of my constant online / offline which I have been doing since establishing, So…

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3 Things I Struggle With As A Blogger

March 15, 2017

The Struggle is real sometimes, possibly all the time but recently I have been doing some self reflection in my life and blogging life. I have started to realize my flaws and life time struggle especially with my blogging world. its sad that I am at the same position I was not so long ago but yeah I am dealing with it so much better…

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YourDailyJay vs Ultimate Blogging Challenge

January 18, 2017

One of the greatest things I love to do is challenge myself and this year is all about Challenges and conquering a world that I never thought I would enter. Ever since my reboot I have started to figure out that it wasn’t a rash decision or bad thing but a great thing. I have started a new category which is scary to say the…

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