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Social Media

Update : My Gym Playlist

February 25, 2018

Ever had that moment when you ready for gym and you realized that you left your earphones at home, Okay so let tell you something, if i don’t have music in my ears I tend to do a 10 minute workout and go home…that’s the time of me listening to that little voice in my mind asking me if we can go home and have…

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Creating Your Social Media Marketing Plan

February 16, 2018

Social Media is’nt the easiest thing to get your hands on but its a great way to market your blog and business brand. The thing is everything in life needs a plan. A marketing plan can be created when ever you need to,  I know for sure that I have been running around trying to figure social media out but until i put my plan…

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Solo Date Ideas

February 14, 2018

Its Valentines Day and if you are like me then that means you need take your self on a date, Yes I said it a SOLO date is needed. Let me be honest I thought this year was going to be different but it didn’t work out that way. Anyway, is the thought of a solo date extremely daunting? do you think you don’t have…

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Branding Your Social Media

February 9, 2018

I have had the courage to start a new segment of my blog, this has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now but that confidence level was not working, If you dont know my previous job was a social media management company and with that I got a taste of what it would be like to be a social media marketer…

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February 5, 2018

This month is all about love, and all the single people  out there are so consumed with being single in this month right? I used to be like that (I still haven’t celebrated Valentines day …not the point).I made the conscience decision to focus on myself and let things fall into place. This is why I have declared February SELF LOVE month at What is the…

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Monthly Goals: February

February 2, 2018

Chapter Two of 2018 has arrived. I don’t know about you but January felt like a year in itself, Even though I didn’t take time off from work it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. But it was a pretty good month ( That was probably confusing for you). I had my ups and my downs. This month is going…

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Janine Papier, 24 from Cape Town. A IT girl by day and blogger by night. This is my space for you all about Lifestyle, Social Media and Blogging.

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